what to keep when decluttering

What to Keep and What Goes When Decluttering?

Piles of clothes and household goods can accumulate after a while. There are many reasons to explain why you have been keeping things around the house for a long time but haven’t cleared away the messes, including being too busy, overwhelmed by the clutter, and wanting to save things in case of needing them in the future. To help you in your decluttering efforts, the tips below focus on how to decide what to keep and what to toss.

Currently in Use?

If you are using the item then, yes, it stays. If it is something that you haven’t recently used because it’s off-season, such as a raincoat, yet plan to use next year, it is also a keeper.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a use for something, then it’s not necessary to keep it on hand. It is only taking up valuable space in the home.

Is it Sentimental?

If you are keeping an item because it brings back memories, that is entirely understandable. But putting childhood belongings into a box and storing it in the closet isn’t utilizing it.

In this case, consider displaying those items and donating newer decor you’ve collected that doesn’t have sentimental value. Or, take a photo of something that has been packed away for decades so you can remember it always and donate the item to charity.

what to keep when decluttering

Is it a Duplicate?

Over time, it’s natural to accumulate multiples of an item. Sometimes, you neglect to throw out the older version.

If that’s the case, then donate the extras as you likely only need one set of oven mitts, one teapot, and one set of measuring spoons. The chances are good that you won’t miss the duplicates.

Could Someone Else Use It More?

While you might have the occasional use for something, think about whether it could be better used elsewhere. For instance, you might have a set of dishes that you use once a year, or clothes hanging in your closet in case you one day fit into them.

If someone else could benefit from these things more than you, then consider donating them. It is easier to decide what to keep or toss when you put it into perspective like that.

If Your Time is Worth More

Another way to tackle decluttering is by thinking about whether maintaining the possession in question is worth your time. Does the item warrant keeping if you need to dust or polish it regularly and don’t need it?

When You’re Not Sure

There are bound to be items that you’re simply not sure whether to keep or donate. In this case, fill a cardboard box with the goods and put it away for a month.

If you don’t use anything from the box in a month from now, then you don’t need anything in it. It’s time to give it to a charitable organization.

Final Words on Decluttering

As you put items into piles to keep or donate, you will likely also come across things that are broken or so well-worn that you make a third pile for things to toss. Check with a local recycling center to see if old appliances that no longer work can go there rather than into trash to help the environment.

For more tips on sorting what to keep or toss and anything else related to home decluttering, reach out to our professional organizers today. We’re here to virtually support your organizing needs as well!