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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2020

The Spring months are a great time for deep-cleaning the home. There’s a real satisfaction in knowing your home is free of dust and dirt, as well as clutter. While it might feel overwhelming to start the process, this Spring cleaning checklist helps simplify the steps while helping make sure you don’t forget anything.

Create a Schedule

The reality is that you won’t get every room done in one day, at least not if you want to do a thorough job. Thus, go room by room and assess what needs a clean that hasn’t been done lately.

Use a separate piece of paper for each room and list the tasks underneath, so you have one page for “Master Bedroom,” one for “Laundry Room,” and so forth. Also have a page for closets, the garage, and outside the home.

A few examples are dusting the ceiling fan in your bedroom, cleaning the fireplace, checking the dryer vent, donating old clothes in closets, and cleaning the gutters. Then, write down the supplies needed for each room, such as a broom, vacuum, boxes, and steam cleaner. Get any missing supplies ahead of time.

Then, plan out when you will tackle each room and make it a reasonable schedule given your busy career, family, and other responsibilities. For example, maybe you do an hour twice a week or a few hours on Saturdays.

spring cleaning checklist

Clean Up the Clutter

Next, assess what needs de-cluttering around the house. You’ve likely already gotten a sense of this when creating the schedule.

If your home environment is disorganized, it can make your mind feel the same way. Being around messes can also heighten feelings of anxiety and stress.

Plus, there might be many items around you that aren’t being used, and they could be useful to someone else. Thus, consider donating clothes, serving dishes, or anything else that is merely collecting dust.

Don’t Forget the Windows and Walls

You likely clean the floors regularly, but do you also wipe down walls? Most people forget about this part of the house, although it attracts dust and gets grimy, especially if you have kids or pets.

If you’re wondering what to use to clean walls, a simple solution of warm water and dish soap can remove stains. Use the same solution to clean plastic window blinds, if you have them.

As for the windows, remove the screens and wipe those down too. Washing the inside and outside of the windows with your favourite cleaner can help each room look its best.

Seeing Rooms with Fresh Eyes

While cleaning, you might even start to envision the rooms in a new way. Look at how you could better use the space, such as changing the position of the couch relative to the TV.

Also, are there ways to lighten up the room for Spring? If you have heavy quilts in the bedrooms, move to lightweight bedding. Other ideas are to swap out dark couch cushions for ones that are brighter colours and add fresh flowers in vases around the interior.

We hope the tips above make spring cleaning easier for you! Enjoy the home updates as the warmer weather comes and let us know if you could use the help of a professional organizer. Refresh your space and welcome the possibilities of Spring.