Are you a senior who needs help decluttering and organizing at home? Or, do you need to do so on behalf of an older parent, or another loved one? If your goal is to reduce volume, move, downsize, maintain home organization, or improve safety and accessibility, our professional organizers are here to help you. We offer a seniors discount, contact us to learn more.

A Caring and Compassionate Approach

We understand that sorting through possessions accumulated over the decades is an emotional experience. That is why you can count on the ClutterBGone organizers whom you work with to be sensitive, non-judgmental, and compassionate in all interactions.

Listening to your needs, objectives, and what items you want to hold onto is a top priority for us. While we will suggest what we think is the best approach, you have the final say.

Once we know your objective, we will help you plan out how best to reach it in a way that you are comfortable with, according to a timeline that works well for you. The organizers who helps you is here to reduce stress by applying effective decluttering and organizational strategies.

How We Help You

Our experts are available to support you in several ways, depending on your needs. The services that ClutterBGone provides specifically for seniors at home are:

  • Downsizing
  • Declutter furniture and other items
  • Organize possessions
  • Help maintain the home and systems
  • Improve safety for seniors
  • Enhance accessibility for those with disabilities

Downsizing to an assisted living community or smaller home is often emotionally draining and confusing for many, so our organizers provide the support you need during the process. By guiding you through it, you can enjoy the fun parts, such as meeting new neighbours, and having a smoother, easier transition.

In addition to helping you declutter, sort, and organize items as part of downsizing, we can also help prepare your home for showings/sale and unpack/settle in clients in their new place after the move. In other words, we are here for you every step of the way to do a much or as little as needed.

If you are struggling with what to keep or donate, our experts help make these decisions easier for you. We have helped many seniors make more space in their home for safety and accessibility reasons.

We can also help you maintain a current organizational system if you are struggling to stay on top of it. If you need further suggestions on how to improve your space, sign up for our monthly newsletter with tips and recommendations.

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Benefit from an Experienced Approach

ClutterBGone has been helping seniors in their homes for nine years. Over the years, we have gained a deep understanding and appreciation of decluttering, organizing, and downsizing in the later stage of life.

Clients regularly tell us that this service has made things easier for them. This feedback has come from senior citizens without children and those who have kids living out of the city, province, or country.

Families have told us that the service saves them considerable stress and travel cost. They also explain feeling less overwhelmed and that they would not have known where to start without us.

Rather than trying to navigate the process alone, let us help you through it using our experience of close to a decade! Gain tips you would not get elsewhere that can save you valuable time, money, and energy.

Focusing Where You Need It

Our suggestions center around your current lifestyle and where you want to be to get what you require within a specific timeframe. We focus on accessibility and mobility to establish a safe and comfortable home environment with organizational systems.

One of the first places we start is understanding what you need to ensure we provide it well. Our professional organizer can then create systems accessible to you and declutter, if necessary. We regularly work with seniors who have disabilities and mobility limitations.

To avoid overwhelming clients, we reduce session hours and move at a comfortable pace for the individual. You also have the option to be fully engaged or offer decision making only if unable or incapable.

Reducing volume, creating paths, and implementing accessible systems are some of the strategies we use to help seniors. A custom approach is what you can expect at ClutterBGone, based on your needs. Simply reach out today to start the process.