Congratulations on the recent or upcoming addition to the family! It is an exciting time in life. Many parents-to-be don’t realize how many things change lifestyle-wise during pregnancy and after bringing an infant home. ClutterBGone’s pre/post maternity service helps you prepare your house before the delivery day and make it the most functional moving forward.

As an Expecting Parent

From the time you tell people about your pregnancy, they’ll likely begin to offer you insights and tips based on their experiences. One of the things you’re likely to hear is that you won’t stay as organized at home as you once were.

While you will certainly have more demands on you as a new parent, you don’t have to live in chaos. It’s easier to achieve and maintain an orderly space when you have the help of our professional organizers.

We have helped many clients over the years to pare down their belongings, prepare their nursery, and other rooms, for their upcoming baby. You have enough to think about already, including maintaining good health, so we are happy to be as involved as you want us to be with decluttering and organizing your interior.

How Can the Pre-Maternity Service Help You?

The organizers who you team up with will never push you or add stress to your life. Instead, our goal is to remove as much pressure from your life as possible during this important time.

The ways we can help you are many, and you can pick and choose which ones you want from us. We customize the process to you based on your availability.

We can assist with:

  • Making the home safer for baby by removing clutter
  • Helping you sort through items and decide what to keep or donate
  • Focus on what the baby needs to help avoid excess buying
  • Coordinating delivery of unwanted items to charity, if needed
  • Organizing furniture to maximize the utility of the space for the entire household
  • Thinking about a routine before baby to help you maximize your time
  • Creating systems for clothing, toys, and basic needs for the infant
  • Discussion of how to modify those systems as the child grows

We help create routines before baby arrives to make it easier after baby especially as your demands grow. Our team has found that kids like order, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Plus, an organized space in which you know where to find things combats anxiety and stress. That’s important during and after the pregnancy.

Post Natal Organizing

Post-Maternity Assistance

After the baby comes home, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that accumulates at home. The key to preventing clutter is to stay on top of their toys, clothes, and other possessions, from how many they have to which ones they no longer use or need.

That involves knowing your limits, and we can help you decide what to keep, toss, or donate. You will always be the one who decides what stays and what goes but having a supportive hand can make the project easier and faster.

The reality is that your child will have different needs and wants as they get older, and the number of possessions will amass over time. We can help you as much or as little as you need with decluttering and organizing for your growing child.

What Do Post-Maternity Services Include?

Implementing pre- and post-maternity systems with the help of a professional organizer is an excellent way to reduce mom/dad’s frustration and anxiety, as well as prevent burnout. We offer a range of supportive activities based on how you want us to help you.

We offer any or all the following to parents:

  • Analysis of what works and what doesn’t in the child’s routine
  • Decluttering outgrown possessions
  • Help with setting limits to reduce over-buying, stocking, or accumulation
  • Coordinating delivery of unwanted items to charity, if needed
  • Based on the analysis, create organizational systems for kids’ toys, clothes, etc.
  • Tips to help you maintain and scale those systems as the child grows
  • Maintenance of the systems for you as often as you want
  • Creating a routine for mom to organize time more effectively
  • Organizing furniture and possessions around the household

More about Us

We are happy to help you as parents maintain a level of organization that works well for you. We help new, expecting, experienced, or overwhelmed parents enjoy the first few years with their children by reducing the things that cost them the most time: Their children’s stuff!

With the pre-maternity service, you can look forward to bringing the baby home to a clean and orderly area. Then, as your little one grows, you can feel secure knowing that the organizational systems are in place and you have a routine that makes sense for your household.

We look forward to helping your family soon! Reach out to book a free first consultation virtually or in-person.