Bereavements Estate Services Toronto

Are you handling the estate of a relative or friend? Are you a surviving spouse in need of support? It can be very overwhelming and exhausting for you.

With compassion, respect and a gentle touch, we will alleviate you of overwhelming tasks that need to be managed at this challenging time.  We suggest ways that you can keep items of importance and sentiment, and assist you in discarding unwanted possessions.

We provide a full spectrum of coordinated services that are often required when managing a loved one’s belongings.  This includes:

  • organizing and categorizing all possessions
  • assisting with the sale and discarding of personal items and furniture
  • giving order to existing files for locating vital documents
  • de-cluttering prior to the sale of a home and home clearing services.

We are your one stop solution.

Now that I’m settled in my new apartment I’m truly grateful for you and your team in helping me. As I explained, having lost my wife of 43 years just a few months ago, I’m going through a very dark period in my life. To have your team assist me and literally hold my hand through an extremely traumatizing time of my life was a rare moment of light for me. Having your team de cluttering and sorting out our things and then re-establishing me in my new home in such a caring a sensitive way, was incredible.

The emotional stress I felt about leaving our last home and leaving behind the final moments of our life together and moving on to start all over was immense.  The help truly meant a lot to me. Thank you very much. I would truly recommend your team of true professionals.”       Moosa, Toronto, On.