Welcome to ClutterBGone’s Resource Page! Here you will find a list of helpful resources and tools to assist you in your journey towards a clutter-free life.

  • The ClutterBGone Blog: Our blog is filled with articles and tips on how to declutter and organize your home or office. It covers a wide range of topics, from tackling specific areas like the kitchen or garage, to dealing with emotional attachment to objects.
  • FAQ’s – We understand that you may have questions about our services, process, and team, and we’re here to provide you with answers. Whether you’re considering hiring us for your organizing needs or are simply curious about what we do, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about ClutterBGone. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always happy to chat with you and provide more information.
  • Trello: This free online tool can help you keep track of your organizational goals and tasks. It allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to organize your to-do list and track progress. 
  • This free service helps you declutter your inbox by automatically unsubscribing from unwanted emails and organizing the ones you want to keep into a single daily digest.
  • Goodwill Industries: Goodwill provides job training and employment services for people in need, and accepts donations of clothing, household items, and electronics. Donating to Goodwill is a great way to declutter your home while supporting a good cause. 
  • Diabetes Canada:  Diabetes Canada’s reusable goods donation program has enjoyed an exclusive partnership with Value Village where all donations generate funding to support Diabetes Canada. Diabetes Canada is responsible for soliciting, picking up & delivering goods to Value Village stores. The program is paid based upon the volume of goods delivered. Through this partnership, Diabetes Canada raises $8.7 million annually (net), where proceeds raised support diabetes research, education, programs, services & advocacy. 
  • Value Village: Value Village is committed to making second-hand second nature. Declutter Responsibly. Drop off clothing and household items and save 20% on your next purchase. 
  • RollUP: RollUP Solutions Inc. is a social enterprise that strives to remove social and physical limitations by making mobility affordable for everyone. We collect gently used wheelchairs from the community, work with our partners at Goodwill Commercial Solutions to refurbish them, and then sell or donate the devices back to community at a 95% discount. 
  • Textile Waste Museum of Canada: Are you cleaning out your craft closet but don’t want your supplies to end up in a landfill? Since September 2021, the Textile Waste Museum’s Reuse Program has provided access to affordable textile materials for makers and artists. This is made possible by generous donations, and our volunteers who help with sorting and pricing every week. 
  • Parker’s Moving
  • Duke Removal Solutions:

A Professional Organizer: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home or office, consider hiring a professional organizer like ClutterBGone. We can provide personalized guidance and support to help you declutter and simplify your space. 

We hope you find these resources helpful on your journey towards a clutter-free life!