Getting Started with ClutterBGone

All our professional home organizing, de-cluttering, maternity, pre/post renovation and move in services in Toronto begin with a FREE telephone consultation that may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes where we discuss your needs and address your questions or concerns.  We talk about your motivation for contacting us, the size of your home, who lives with you (if anyone), and what space(s) cause you the most grief and frustration.

Following this conversation, the next step is to schedule an in-depth, minimum one hour (sometimes longer) on-site consultation and needs assessment at your home with you and your partner if possible (not critical depending on the space you need assistance with) where we will go through a series of questions with you to assess and analyze your current situation, view your space, determine the root cause of the problem and begin to create a plan of action. This assessment fee is a flat rate of $95 (plus HST). If the spaces relate to your children we like to have an opportunity to speak with them as well so we can view things on their level (this can happen during sessions if necessary).

When we view your spaces, we’re assessing the root cause of the issue, looking at the volume and type of items, asking you specific questions related to what we see and assessing the length of time needed to meet your objectives for the space.

Lots of discussion takes place regarding your goals and objectives, how active or hands on you wish to be in the process, your time frame, thought processes, and even specifics in terms of whether you’re left or right handed, have any mobility restrictions or challenges and whether you are creative or analytical.  We take all this into account when we develop and create a system of organization so that we know it will be easily maintained.

Near the end of the session and after working with you to determine priorities, we give you our estimate of how long we believe the process will take (based on your answers to all our questions and based on the volume and type of items we are dealing with), how many team members we recommend to meet your goals and what your investment will be in the project.  We also discuss potential waste removal, donations, products that may be needed, resources to sell or consign items and much more.

From there you decide if and when you wish to begin and we look at available dates to schedule your project based on your availability and timelines.  Questions are always encouraged and always welcome!