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We support realtors and love working with real estate agents!

  • Is your goal to exceed client expectations, get them top dollar for their home and give them an excellent client experience?
  • Is your client’s home overstuffed and overflowing with “possessions”?

We’ll transform their home so you can get it listed as quickly as possible.

Our realtor program includes:

  1. Our initial 1 hour consultation and needs assessment with your client at a 33% discounted rate of $60.00. We waive this fee entirely when your client proceeds with our service.
  2. A $500.00 voucher at a 15% discount to be used towards any of our services. Add this voucher to your marketing package for your clients as a value added service or make it a great gift to a listing client to enhance their experience & de-stress their preparations for moving and settling in.declutter and organize


We Are Not Home Stagers

We support and work collaboratively with stagers. Here’s the difference:

Many of the homes you list need “clutter busting” organizing before the staging process. At ClutterBGone, when your clients need hand-holding through the process of actually getting rid of stuff, that’s where we come in.

  • We help your clients liberate themselves from their “stuff”.
  • We do the physical labour.
  • We have the compassionate guidance for those tough decisions.
  • We have the skill and training to challenge your client’s sometimes distorted thinking.
  • We are meticulous and have the necessary expertise to sort through papers & organize critical documents, often finding items of value.
  • We coordinate junk and donation pick-ups.
  • We can pack your client’s home in as little as 1 to 3 days so they don’t have to live amongst boxes for weeks.
  • We can make their new house a home in as little as 2 to 3 days.
  • We are part of the team of people you use for your listing. Just as we use junk removal companies, consignment shops, shredding companies, cleaning companies, auction houses & charities for our team.


  • Have creative expertise and skill to set the scene, stage the home and get top dollar for your listing. Many are interior decorators.
  • Don’t have the desire or patience to sit with a client going through every item to decide whether to donate, sell, consign, recycle, trash, shred or put in storage.
  • De-personalize the home & highlight its best features, making it look brighter, warmer, more inviting. Staging is about illusions, about dressing the house for sale. Our Exclusive Realtor Program:

We partner with you to get your listing on the market quickly and add value to your client’s experience for a smooth transition. Contact us today to learn more.


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