Downsizing, Packing, Move-In and Settling In to your new home

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events.

Whether downsizing or up-sizing, we understand how packing and moving can be intimidating, time-consuming and physically exhausting, requiring critical decision-making, planning and logistics.  De-cluttering and paring down belongings before you pack is usually the first order of business.

Then imagine being unpacked and living normally and organized in a matter of hours!  With our expert organizing, packing, unpacking and settling in services we can make that happen for you!.

ClutterBGone is a downsizing company with a team of professional home organizers in Toronto and will assist you when you don’t have the time, manpower or ability to handle the project on your own. With patience and care we will:

  • review your new floor plan or visit your new home and provide space planning ideas
  • assist with sorting, sale, donations, re-cycling and disposal of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner
  • expedite packing and unpacking, arrange and direct movers
  • organize and create storage solutions for easy access and retrieval
  • help you shred old documents safely and sort important paperwork

and then unpack and get you settled in and organized in your new home as if you lived there for years!

With trusted and established relationships, we get you preferred rates on moving supplies, waste disposal and more so you can save time and money.

Transitioning Your Parents Photo

Transitioning Your Parents

Time constraints and multiple responsibilities make helping your parents “smart size” into a new home difficult for many families.  It’s overwhelming for many, causing fear and anxiety but you needn’t face this challenge alone.

With compassion, patience and respect, working side by side with you or your parents we will assist in de-cluttering, sorting and paring down possessions and help to create and preserve a legacy of treasures and memories that will never be forgotten.

We’ll provide the knowledge and decision-making support to organize the home for sale. With patience and guided assistance we help find new homes for unwanted and unused items through sales, donations and recycling, and ensure that vital documents and papers are in order and available for quick and easy access.