“Thank you Linda for giving me back my work shop. I have a new room in our house. I cannot believe the difference between “before” and “after”. I keep wandering down there, just sitting and looking. I keep telling myself, “It’s all my mine and I can play with it any time I want!”. Moving in is still an option. My teenage son came in the room the other day. He was shocked that there was a sink in there- for 17 years he never made it past the door! So in a nutshell, you are fantastic. Your vision on how the room would look and work is dead on. Thank you, thank you and thank you! From your pinball repairman.”

SteveThornhill, ON.

“I am thrilled with the results & cannot stop raving about Linda Vanderkolk and ClutterBGone! Linda is professional and thorough, showed herself to be helpful, patient & understanding and above all, constantly checking in with me to make sure that I was “OK” during every step of the process. She kept me focused on the task in each area of the room, so that our time together was utilized to its fullest potential. I am finally able to breathe again, and enjoy the rooms that have “emerged” during our work together. THANK YOU!”

LydiaNewmarket, ON.

“I am a father of 2 teenage boys heavily involved in athletics. We have had to downsize to a condo unit and trying to accommodate all of our various equipment for multiple sports has been a massive challenge. Linda came in assessed, organized and virtually transformed what was a dumping area for sporting equipment and general storage into a fantastic use of space that will allow us to not only get organized but STAY organized. I am delighted with the way the area was transformed from a sometimes dangerous area into a fully usable space, effectively set up for transitioning for seasonal sporting activities. This definitely was a challenging job, one requiring patience, expertise & creativity. Thank you so much Linda and ClutterBGone!”

Downsized FatherToronto, ON.

“Thanks to ClutterBGone, I am saving greatly on monthly rent for my storage place. With 45 years’ worth of accumulated stuff that needed to be sorted and disposed of I had no will-power to start the process. In one day of hard work, ClutterBGone helped me and my friend sort, move and dispose of two thirds of the items. I made my choices quickly and efficiently and ClutterBGone kept things moving. What a relief to finally get this stuff out of the way…. great weight off my shoulders. I was able to donate many items to families that really needed / appreciated the items and this gave me closure. I felt good helping someone else. I appreciate your flexibility in respecting my wishes and getting me organized in a way that was comfortable for me.”

Rita BonavotaEtobicoke, ON.

“Linda helped me organize my front closet that has been an embarrassment for years. Her expertise and ability to understand the needs of how my family functions on a day to day basis has made the greatest difference in how we all manage our things. I am so happy with the closet & can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to walk into the house and know it’s organized. I have kept it up with the kids and Hubby as Linda set up a routine for us. She helped me understand why I keep the things I don’t need and to start letting go of clutter. I am just in LOVE with my closet! I recommend everyone use ClutterBGone’s services. I have kept it up with the kids and hubby and I’m just in LOVE with my closet.”

Elaine S.Richmond Hill, ON.

“I am so thankful that we did the office before Christmas as it’s been crazy since:) hope you had a good holiday. It is working really well thanks I have to write something on your website because I really, really appreciated your time, suggestions and work horse abilities!! I can actually find things now. And there is no paper in the kitchen. You can paste that on the website!!”

JaniceStouffville, ON.

“Thanks Linda, the office looks great. What a difference your little added touches here and there make. I’m definitely experiencing a calmness at work that was not present beforehand.”

G. De AngelisNewmarket, ON.

“Linda is a life saver. She came into my life to help clean out a mix of a family basement. She was able to assess the situation quickly and knew exactly how she was going to execute the process. I also had her rescue my closets. She’s a professional and has a great team that follows her lead. I highly recommend her.”

JaniceNewmarket, ON.

“Words cannot express how unbelievable my personal and professional experience has been with this company. ClutterBGone has transformed my office and personal space – no more papers everywhere, no more stacks of unopened mail and the flow of my personal space has been simply amazing. Each item now has a place, with a clean easy access to all of my items.
This company is very professional, courteous including all their staff, not just the owner. They all worked very well together and assisted us with our necessary changes.
I would recommend them anytime.”

Stephanie Beattie

“Emily and I have been very satisfied with the work your team did for us – we gained a considerably amount of real estate that was previously too cluttered to be of any use, the ground floor room which became my bed room and the spare room upstairs.  As well the crawl space, laundry room, record rooms and “Man cave” became much more accessible.  Hopefully we can stay on top of things and not let it get out of control again.
On top of the efficiency and proficiency with which your team does their work, their congenial personalities make working with them a pleasure.  I have no hesitation recommending your group to anyone seeking your services.”

Dave Burnham

“I am thrilled. The experience couldn’t have been better. They were kind and supportive and I would highly recommend ClutterBGone to anyone.”

Judith Katz