Decluttering before a residential or commercial remodel can help you get more value out of your renovation process. We are happy to help you in pre, post or both renovation scenarios.

Meeting Before the Renovation

Overtime our professional organizers have found that we rarely sit in on consultations between home or business owners and builders, contractors, interior designers, or construction workers. Seems nuts doesn’t it? Especially because, this meeting is an excellent opportunity to introduce owners to our decluttering and organizing services but also help builders, contractors, or construction workers better understand their owners needs with reduce stress. Our services will make your renovation project much easier and more efficient/productive for all parties involved. Are you an interior designer, builder, contractor, or construction worker who needs to take the stress out of the planning and designing process? Our team can help!

We also meet with property owners one-on-one. A highly recommended first step before hiring a contractor is meeting with one of  our organizers beforehand because we understand your home can be functional and aesthetic together.

The goal here is not only to pare down the number of possessions or find better ways to organize the space before and after the renovation project but also to look at our client’s current lifestyle and what that looks like after the renovation, so their space can represent that. Doing so will save considerable time for all involved in the project, both during and after the upgrade.

Pre-Renovation Service: What to Expect

Renovating a home or business disrupts daily life. That is simply the nature of the process. With that said, planning for it can make the process considerably easier for owners, work crews, and contractors.

While you likely think of boxing up items before the remodel, fewer people consider the hassle of storing items that are not used or needed. We help you in both regards and are as hands-on or hands-off as you want us to be.

The process begins with an initial consultation with a friendly ClutterBGone organizer. If you have a good report and feel comfortable moving forward, our organizer supports you in several ways.

You can expect the professional to help you in the following ways:

  • An assessment of the space before renovation to understand your needs
  • Recommend ways to pare down or purge
  • Emptying contents in the room to review and declutter
  • Help with deciding what is necessary or useful in the space
  • Assistance boxing up items to remove from the area during the upgrade
  • Identify everyday things to put aside for use during the renovation
  • Arrange for possessions in storage or elsewhere until the reno finishes

We customize each action to your needs and preferences. We work at a pace that suits you while ensuring there is time to meet the goals before the renovation begins.

Organizing The Home

Bring Us in After the Renovation

You might want our help after the remodel too. After all, you want the new residential or commercial space to look its best after the effort, time, and funds put into updating it!

From unboxing to sorting items (if not already decluttered with us before the reno), the goal is to only have the things you plan to use in the area. This approach will prevent clutter, provide a clean and tidy look, and give you the room to move in the space to fully enjoy it.

Next, we can help you create organizational systems to get the most utility out of the area. Set up storage boxes, racking systems, and more with the expert.

Post-Renovation Service to Help You

ClutterBGone helps you get your home or business back in shape efficiently after a remodel and make the best use of the room.

You can count on the professional organizer to help and support you with a range of activities, including:

  • Arranging a cleaning service
  • Unboxing of possessions
  • Finding the best “home” for items
  • How to better understand the space
  • Set-up of the space
  • Enacting organizational systems that fit your lifestyle

The organizer will also provide tips for maintaining organization after the project ends. These suggestions are based on what has worked well for clients in the past, and they help prevent clutter from returning over time.

With the post-reno service, you can look forward to settling into the new area within a reasonable time. Also, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that it is set-up how you want with the help of an organizational pro.

Have a Reno Soon?

The pre/post-renovation services are perfect for a single room, whole house, business building, or part of an office. If you are planning a remodel, include a decluttering-and-organizational professional in the process from the beginning. Contact ClutterBGone today to book a free consultation!