Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist, from a Professional Organizer

Achieving a clean house is a great feeling. Not only do you have a sense of accomplishment, but you also can enjoy a clutter-free environment. To help you tackle the task like a pro, use this spring cleaning checklist from our professional organizing team.

Prioritize What to Do

While you might say, “The whole house needs cleaning,” this goal is a big one that can be overwhelming. So, before you begin, make a list of what areas of the home most need cleaning and organizing more. Put those tasks first on the list.

By the way, you’ll notice this list includes organizing, even though it is called a Spring Cleaning Checklist. That’s because it makes sense to declutter as you go, rather than dusting objects and putting them back again.

Break Down Projects into Steps

Now that you have your priorities set, break them down into easier activities. In other words, rather than looking at the whole garage, start with the workbench there.

Completing this first step will give you the confidence and motivation to keep going. Remember, it doesn’t need to be done in one day, explain our pro organizers, but the key is to continue, doing a bit each day or each week, depending on your schedule.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Spring Checklist

Now that you’re ready to go, let’s look at the main spring cleaning and organizing tasks around the house, from the entranceway to the kitchen and bedrooms. As you go, put unwanted items into a donate or sell pile and those that need repairing into a separate pile until you have time to fix them.


The sunny days show the dust, so this is a major part of spring cleaning the home. Dust figurines on shelves and beneath chairs and tables in each room.

Then, hold the broom up to the top corners of the rooms to catch any cobwebs. Finally, sweep or vacuum the floors.

Shampoo Rugs

Your rugs might look tired, but that doesn’t mean that they must stay that way. Look at the label to see if they need professional cleaning or if you can do it yourself with a shampoo machine.

Clean Upholstery

Your couch could likely use a refresh too. Examine the cushions for stains and read their labels to determine how best to clean them. For a stubborn stain, consider starting with a gentle spot remover.

Wipe Drawers and Shelves

There are many surfaces to wipe clean, from the entranceway table to the utensils drawer and the inside of the fridge. While it takes time, you can feel good about removing any built-up dirt and making the surface shiny again.

Before putting everything back, use a drawer organizer or storage boxes for shelves. We can show you how to easily create a system that makes it easy to find what you want in less time.

Wash the Windows

Clean windows make the entire house look better, instantly! Also, take down window screens and thoroughly clean them.

For wooden blinds, wipe them down with a wet cloth. If you have vinyl or metal instead, mix warm water with mild dish soap instead.

Maintain a Clean Home

Now that you have a clutter-free home that feels fresh for spring, put in the time to keep it that way. That means taking the pile of clothes to donate to the local charity rather than back in your closet, as well as putting things back in their place when you’re done using them.

Do you want help spring cleaning and organizing? We’re here to help you. Contact us today!

time to hire a professional organizer

When Is It Time to Hire a Professional Organizer?

If you’re not sure when is a good time to bring in a professional organizer, this guide is for you! This expert understands how to banish clutter and create organizational systems that improve your home and your daily life. Here are times it makes sense to reach out to an organizing pro.

You’re Moving

Working with an organizer before and after a move can make the process a much smoother one and save you time. Before the move, the pro can help you sort through possessions to determine what to keep or donate. ClutterBGone will even arrange the donations with your preferred non-profit organization if you want us to do so.

After the move, one of our experts can assist you with unpacking and finding the best places to put your belongings in the new home. We can also set up organizational systems to maximize your space from day one.

A Major Life Transition

Having a baby, a career change, marriage, divorce, and aging parents are examples of big life events. When there is a major shift in your daily life, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, and maintaining your home is likely a low priority.

Our friendly organizing expert can reduce your stress by setting up your home to meet the new demands. For example, we can organize a nursery with you before the baby arrives, help you create a fresh space after a divorce or clear clutter that puts your senior parent at risk.

time to hire a professional organizer

You Can’t Stand a Certain Area Anymore

If one space in your home never seems to get clean and tidy, you might feel at your wits’ end. When you’re not sure where to turn, consider hiring a professional organizer.

Our ClutterBGone organizers love a challenge and have innovative strategies to clear even the toughest spaces. We are here to help you tackle a closet, room, garage, or another area to turn it from cluttered to incredibly useful.

You Want More Efficiency

Are you constantly looking for things in the kitchen or home office? Do you feel like there are better ways to organize things?

If so, a pro can come in to organize the area to make it easy to find what you need when you need it. That can save you valuable time and reduce daily stress as you’ll know exactly where things are at home.

There Never Seems to Be Time

If you can never seem to find the time to declutter, hiring an organizer makes sense as this individual holds you accountable to the task. Plus, putting money toward a goal using this person’s services tends to make you value it more.

The expert will also help you finish the project in less time than if you did it alone. It is beneficial to have another person listen, guide, and support you in this process, especially when they do this for a living!

Getting the Help that You Need

Do you identify with any of these scenarios? If so, reach out to us at ClutterBGone to finally get a handle on home organization. We eliminate the stress by helping you remove clutter and create organizing systems that are beneficial and easy to both use and maintain.

hiring a professional organizer

5 Reasons Hiring a Professional Organizer is Worth It

If your cluttered home feels overwhelming, using the services of a professional organizer is an option to consider. If you’ve never done so before, one of the questions you’re likely wondering is whether hiring this expert is worth it. Here are five reasons to pursue the help of a pro.

1. Get More Out of Your Day

Continually looking for where you put something at home can get tiring very quickly. It can slow down your day, not to mention being an aggravation on tough workdays.

To make everyday activities more efficient, a professional organizer can help you find the best places to store things in the home, whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, den, or another room. When it’s done, you will also feel calmer and more collected as you know where to find items. A clutter-free space is a peaceful one.

2. Access to New Ideas that Work

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Two heads are better than one.” That means that you can look forward to gaining insights that you might not have had otherwise when you team up with a decluttering expert.

The professionals at ClutterBGone have years of experience with creating organizational systems that are functional and save people time. We customize the approach to your home and household so that it has a maximum value.

hiring a professional organizer

3. Sort Possessions Effectively

Hold onto what you still use or cherish and part with things that no longer have utility in your life. It sounds simple, but our team understands that you likely have emotional ties to some possessions that make it difficult to let go.

We support and encourage you throughout the sorting process to make it easier. Having an expert beside you to take you through the steps keeps the project moving forward.

For example, we ask questions to help you understand what to keep or not in a comfortable way. You’ll also avoid accidentally donating a big sum of cash or something else you hadn’t meant to because of a haphazard approach.

4. What Storage to Use, and How

Even when you know you want to store things, determining how to do so can make you feel at a loss. What type of storage would be helpful, and how do you set it up?

These questions are ones that a professional organizer is prepared to answer, based on the unique layout of your home and your lifestyle. For example, a filing cabinet could be useful in a home office, or open shelving might solve your needs better. Helping you determine where to put the storage systems is also part of the expert’s service.

5. See It Through

Have you tried to declutter a room before but never finished? You might have felt overwhelmed by the project, gotten distracted, or lost interest in it.

A supportive organizer keeps your eye on the project goal and helps you create a realistic timeframe to achieve it. We also break the end goal down into bite-size steps to help you achieve it more easily. Perhaps best of all, you’re not alone in this process.

The Benefits of a Professional Organizer

The value of an organizer involves far more than the physical clutter itself. This expert helps in significant ways to reduce stress and anxiety relating to disorganization, as well as to provide inspiration. Reaching the goal is an amazing feeling! Contact us today for your Virtual Consultation!

What Do Professional Organizers Do

What Do Professional Organizers Really Do?

Our professional organizers indeed do as their name suggests and organize living spaces, but there’s much more to it than that. Find out what a project entails and how organizers like ours can help you in this post.

Reality TV Shows and Organizing Experts

You might only have seen these professionals in TV shows helping hoarders. But you don’t need to have a hoarding disorder to benefit from working with organizers.

Instead, we often work with people undergoing a significant life change, such as moving or having a baby. Other times, our clients want to create a more organized system for their space but aren’t sure how to do it.

What do they have in common? Their home is not working for them in some way. If clutter is holding back your life in some way, a professional organizer can help you.

Creating a Custom Solution

You’re not alone if you face the challenge of not knowing how to change a living area to make it more functional. Thankfully, the ClutterBGone team has significant experience in helping people with this problem.

We take that knowledge of what has worked in the past and customize it to your home. No two houses and people are the same and finding the best solution for you, and your household is the most important thing for us.

What Do Professional Organizers Do

A Toolkit You Can Tap Into

Professional organizers also bring a unique set of tools to your project. We are great at seeing the big picture, for instance. If you are tired of the overcrowded closet, you’re likely feeling stuck and unsure how to start taking steps to improve it.

A ClutterBGone expert can help you by asking questions to help you set goals you’re comfortable within a timeframe that fits with your lifestyle. The questions we ask help you imagine the area’s possibilities in a big-picture way that you might not have seen otherwise. Getting a fresh perspective can make all the difference, especially given the years of experience we bring to the table.

Also, a good organizer is objective rather than emotional. You likely feel attached to some household items, so teaming up with someone who can take an impartial approach to sorting items is key.

Saving You Time

Spending a few minutes (or more) a day looking for things can add up over the week, month, and year. Your time is valuable, and a professional organizer can help you make the most of it.

When a room is free of clutter, and things have a logical place in it, you’ll always know where to find items. That’s a significant time-saver. With the help of an organizing expert, you can create a functional space that is easy to maintain to help you be more productive.

It’s about People, Not Just Things

At first, you might think that organizers help you move things into boxes. But it’s so much more than that. We help you get over a challenge to make your life at home more of what you’re looking for. And we take great pride in what we do! Reach out today to see how we can help you.

professional organizer is worth it

Is a Professional Organizer Worth It?

This question is one that you might be asking yourself as you consider how to clear away any clutter within your home. It’s natural to ask this question if you’ve never worked with a professional organizer before. Here is why a reputable organizer is worth hiring to help you.

Organization that Exceeds Your Expectations

You may have imagined your home being better with less mess, but some solutions are ones you might not yet have even thought of. At ClutterBGone, we are happy to suggest storage systems to save you time and make everyday life easier.

We love tackling projects with you and seeing the result be what you envision. When you’re not sure what to do about a closet that’s brimming with items or how to improve a home office that isn’t as functional as you know it could be, our experienced organizers can provide ideas about how to solve the issues.

Seeing the Decluttering Project through to the End

Have you ever started a project, only to lose the motivation to finish it? If you’re tired of only getting part way through decluttering a bedroom or another area of the house, it might be time to team up with a professional organizer.

This expert will encourage you throughout the process to see it through to the desired result, no matter how many times you got discouraged in the past. From helping you set the project goal to breaking up the tasks to reach it into smaller steps, the individual you work with from ClutterBGone is always there for you.

professional organizer

The Psychology of Clutter

Being in a chaotic space regularly can take its toll on the mind. If your kitchen or another part of your residence is disorganized, merely looking at it can increase your stress level. It’s also a constant reminder that you will have to organize the space in the future, adding to a to-do list already a mile long.

To help ease your mind, make clearing away clutter a priority. A professional organizer is available when it fits your busy schedule. The tidy results can help to reduce any stress and anxiety that the clutter is causing you right now.

Getting to Know Yourself Better

Hiring a skilled organizer is also a great way to learn more about yourself. As you start to sort through the places in your home that you want to improve, you will find that you begin to understand your habits on a deeper level.

For example, you might realize that you treasure family heirlooms but haven’t been displaying them. An organizer can help you determine how to display the items that have sentimental value to you so that you can enjoy them daily if you want to do so.

For Big and Small Projects

A ClutterBGone organizer can help you with big and small tasks around the house, whether it is reorganizing the kitchen cupboards to make dishes, bowls, and cups more accessible, clearing out the garage, or something else. Why wait any longer to start on a project that benefits both you and your home? Reach out today to book a consultation.

how to be more productive

Do You Want to Be More Productive? Here’s How!

If you find yourself getting less done than you had hoped within a certain amount of time, the reason why might not be what you think. Although you likely have interruptions in the day that can slow you down, the biggest reason why many people are unproductive is disorganization. This “D” word can be a terrifying one to admit exists in your home or office. But coming to this realization can help you be much more effective with your time. The key is to organize the physical space, sooner rather than later.

The More to Do, The More You Procrastinate

There is a lot of pressure on most people to do more, and to do it within a deadline. But having more on your plate will bring stress and bad coping habits, such as overeating. Instead of sinking into this negativity, organize your home and work areas to help improve productivity and banish procrastination.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity:

1.      Clear Clutter

Look at your work desk and, if you see clutter, now is the time to get rid of it. Rather than having stacks of random papers, distribute them into color-coded folders according to the task. This filing system can help you stay on top of things.

As you sort the papers, recycle or shred ones that you no longer need. Create a specific area on your desk for the “to do” papers too; these ones need you to act on them in a timely manner.

2.      Get Plants

Another tip is to incorporate plants. While you’ve likely already heard that plants clean the air, they have another important benefit.

The greenery can increase your mood and lower stress. The natural result is a go-getter attitude at home and work. Being happier will help energize you to get through projects, including tidying up.

3.      Digital Cleanup

When you turn on your computer, do you see a random assortment of folders across the desktop? If so, you might feel overwhelmed right away and not want to tackle the mess. But instead, the best thing to do is organize a bit each day so that you get through the organizing project without putting it off.

While you’re at it, delete any files or software that you no longer need or want to use. You also might want to look at productivity apps to improve your work performance.


A Final Tip: Take Breaks

While it might sound counter-intuitive, taking breaks can boost your productivity at home and work. If you keep at a task for a long time, your brain often starts to feel foggy or full. That makes sense as you can only consume so much information within a limited time.

Thus, it’s helpful to take a ten minute break every hour, or more often if you feel mentally tired. Find what works well for you.

Congratulate Yourself

As you organize rooms at home or your office, take time to look at what you’ve accomplished to date. Celebrate how far you have come and the ways that decluttering has improved your day. Perhaps you finished a work deadline early or finished rearranging the kitchen cupboards. Taking moments to reflect can bolster productivity and is a stress-free activity.

Do you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity and stop procrastinating? Our experts collaborate with you to meet your goals and are only a phone call away!

professional organizer

What Should I Expect from a Professional Organizer?

If you are considering using a professional organizer for the first time, you likely are looking forward to cutting through the clutter at home. A lot of questions will go through your mind, too, including wondering what the process will look like.To help you understand what to expect from the process, we will provide insights into what it’s like to work with a ClutterBGone organizer.

It’s a Collaboration

Bringing in an expert organizer is different than hiring a cleaner. While the housekeeper would typically do the work, the organizing process is a collaborative one.

The professional organizer works with you to learn your lifestyle and habits so that they can help you develop a system that works for your family in your unique home. The best person for you will be someone who listens and understands your desires and needs.

professional organizing consult

Starting with a Consultation

By now, it’s clear that compatibility with the organizer is important. That is why ClutterBGone suggests an initial consultation to ensure you are comfortable with the process and that the organizer who visits you is a good fit.

During the novel coronavirus times, we limit how many people are in a space at one time, wear masks and ask you to do the same, and wash our hands regularly. Virtual consultations are also available if you are not comfortable with an in-person visit.

During this meeting, feel free to ask us any questions. As said before, being comfortable with our organizer is paramount, so getting to know one another through this meeting is an essential first step. We can help you to identify the top challenges in the home and determine where to start. If it is a good fit, then the organizing process starts.

About the Organizing Service

Exactly what the project involves will depend on your needs. While some people want our professionals to focus on decluttering a certain room or closet, others desire help with creating a new system of organization in their home or office. The costs will depend on the scope of the project and other factors.

The organizer will work with you to decide what to keep, as well as what to donate or sell if you have unwanted items. At ClutterBGone, we are supportive, not judgmental, and we want you to know that your feelings and possessions and feelings are safe with us.

We are also happy to provide maintenance services, whereby the same organizer returns to the home to provide support so you can focus on family, career, and more. Also, as lives change, different organizing systems or decluttering projects can become necessary, so our organizer is happy to work with you on a future project after the current one ends.

When It’s Time to Work with a Professional

If removing the clutter or organizing the home overwhelms you, then it is likely helpful to collaborate with a pro organizer. Otherwise, you risk getting emotionally distraught and not meeting your goals, whether they are personal or professional.

Furthermore, an experienced organizer can help make adjusting easier after a major life event, such as getting married or having a baby. Even if you have not experienced a big change, enlisting the help of an organizational specialist can lower your stress by removing clutter or making more efficient use of a room.

Teaming up with a professional organizer is an investment in both your home and family. You will also benefit from no longer having the burden of disorganization. Enjoy a lasting transformation of not only the physical space but also yourself. Contact us today to book a consultation.

spring cleaning tips

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2020

The Spring months are a great time for deep-cleaning the home. There’s a real satisfaction in knowing your home is free of dust and dirt, as well as clutter. While it might feel overwhelming to start the process, this Spring cleaning checklist helps simplify the steps while helping make sure you don’t forget anything.

Create a Schedule

The reality is that you won’t get every room done in one day, at least not if you want to do a thorough job. Thus, go room by room and assess what needs a clean that hasn’t been done lately.

Use a separate piece of paper for each room and list the tasks underneath, so you have one page for “Master Bedroom,” one for “Laundry Room,” and so forth. Also have a page for closets, the garage, and outside the home.

A few examples are dusting the ceiling fan in your bedroom, cleaning the fireplace, checking the dryer vent, donating old clothes in closets, and cleaning the gutters. Then, write down the supplies needed for each room, such as a broom, vacuum, boxes, and steam cleaner. Get any missing supplies ahead of time.

Then, plan out when you will tackle each room and make it a reasonable schedule given your busy career, family, and other responsibilities. For example, maybe you do an hour twice a week or a few hours on Saturdays.

spring cleaning checklist

Clean Up the Clutter

Next, assess what needs de-cluttering around the house. You’ve likely already gotten a sense of this when creating the schedule.

If your home environment is disorganized, it can make your mind feel the same way. Being around messes can also heighten feelings of anxiety and stress.

Plus, there might be many items around you that aren’t being used, and they could be useful to someone else. Thus, consider donating clothes, serving dishes, or anything else that is merely collecting dust.

Don’t Forget the Windows and Walls

You likely clean the floors regularly, but do you also wipe down walls? Most people forget about this part of the house, although it attracts dust and gets grimy, especially if you have kids or pets.

If you’re wondering what to use to clean walls, a simple solution of warm water and dish soap can remove stains. Use the same solution to clean plastic window blinds, if you have them.

As for the windows, remove the screens and wipe those down too. Washing the inside and outside of the windows with your favourite cleaner can help each room look its best.

Seeing Rooms with Fresh Eyes

While cleaning, you might even start to envision the rooms in a new way. Look at how you could better use the space, such as changing the position of the couch relative to the TV.

Also, are there ways to lighten up the room for Spring? If you have heavy quilts in the bedrooms, move to lightweight bedding. Other ideas are to swap out dark couch cushions for ones that are brighter colours and add fresh flowers in vases around the interior.

We hope the tips above make spring cleaning easier for you! Enjoy the home updates as the warmer weather comes and let us know if you could use the help of a professional organizer. Refresh your space and welcome the possibilities of Spring.

cost of hiring a professional organizer

Is the Cost of Hiring a Professional Organizer Worth It?

If you’re tired of living in a cluttered home, bringing in a professional organizer is a worthwhile consideration. Anyone who hasn’t worked with this type of expert before likely wonders whether the cost of hiring a professional organizer is affordable and what to expect. We’re here to today to clarify the answers!

What to Expect Cost-Wise

Each project is different, which makes sense given that no two homes are the same and each household likely has their own goals for the project. While your neighbor might want to declutter a certain room, for example, your objective might be to organize the entire home.

To be able to provide exactly what the client expects of them, a professional organizer typically provides an initial consultation. This assessment can range from $75 to $250 and is necessary for the expert to understand the work expected of them. They learn the size of the project and the depth of it.

Based on the information collected, the organizer can provide an accurate quote. Factors that the organizer considers when creating the custom quote include specific client requests, the time it will take to clear space if clutter hinders the ability to move around the home, and the extent of client involvement.

The Value of Working with a Personal Organizer

Clutter can be overwhelming and trigger irritability. It hinders the living spaces that are supposed to be your sanctuary after a tough workday and a place to gather with loved ones.

Unfortunately, a lack of time and having trouble emotionally parting with items, as well as not knowing where to begin with clearing messes, are all challenges that can keep you from doing it yourself. Thankfully, professional organizers guide you through the process and, just as importantly, help you to achieve a sense of calmness and understanding. You are always part of the decision making.

Decluttering your home can be life-changing. A professional organizer can increase the efficiency of daily tasks as everything now has a designated place, as well as help reduce both anxiety and stress by eliminating chaos in the physical space.

This skilled individual provides more than just cleaning up messes. They also help you find the perfect spot to store items in your kitchen, home office, and other rooms, not to mention providing tips to stay organized in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, they offer a way to take back your home as an organized space that provides a peaceful environment. By the end of the project, you can expect to be proud of your home again.

cost of hiring a professional organizer

Creating a Tidy Home

If you don’t have time to tidy up, you’re not alone. Busy parents and long working hours can make it challenging to prevent clutter.

Whether you’re short on time or want the guidance of an expert who understands how to reallocate spaces and organize part of or an entire home effectively, our professional organizers are here to help you.

The value of working with a skilled organizer on your project is priceless for your quality of life. Contact us today to take the first step toward a clean, orderly home.

what does a professional organizer do

What Will a Professional Organizer Do For Me?

When you walk into a well-organized space, the calmness that is instilled is both tangible and intangible. You feel physically calm because the clean surfaces provide an escape from the cluttered outside world. There is also a mental calmness and clarity that increases quality of life and brings joy and productivity. As a professional organizer, we help you achieve a tidy, well-organized home. More than that, however, we help you create spaces that serve you and help you create the life you are supposed to have. We do this by working with our clients to personalize their home to fit their needs.. Here are some things we do with our clients.

Give purpose to your space

Do you have a “catch-all” drawer or table at your home or in your office? Even worse, is your home office your “catch-all” for life’s overflow? We help our clients create systems of organization that will give every space a purpose. When there is a system in place to organize a space, it will be easy to maintain. When your physical space is easy to maintain, it makes life easier to maintain. The project you’ve been working on will be completed faster, your kid won’t avoid their chores so much, and you’ll finally finish that book you started last year. Giving purpose to your space will allow life to flow more seamlessly and without disruption.

professional organizing company

Stress relief from the outside in

Life is better when it is streamlined and simple. As a professional organizing company, there is nothing more rewarding than helping our clients find peace in their homes for the first time. We help them achieve a space that brings order and cleanliness to their lives and their minds. People that live in chronic anxiety and overwhelm are able to breathe and live in the moment when a professional organizer works with them on a space- whether that space is an office or home.

Help you live the life you want

When less time is spent organizing life, there is more time to enjoy life. If you’ve ever questioned why we do what we do, this is it. We take pride in helping our clients flourish and grow into the people they want to be and to live the life they’ve always wanted by clearing the clutter. We do our job to create a clear and tidy platform upon which our clients experience life.

A professional organizer will help you find organization in different spaces in your home or office. Throughout the process, however, the client reaps benefits that are often unexpected. Some people increase productivity in their new space, form new relationships, and sleep better at night. There is so much in life that clutter and disorganization stands in the way of. The true purpose behind the work of a professional organizer is allowing the client to experience life in a whole new, clearer, relaxed way. What can a professional organizer do for you? They can help you achieve the dreams, happiness, and life that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Call us to book your consultation – don’t wait any longer.