Are you feeling overwhelmed with clutter and need some help getting started on your own?

Are you looking for a professional organizer but can’t find one in your area?

Are you a self-starter that enjoys DIY projects but also need some guidance, coaching, accountability and professional organizing expertise?

Virtual Organizing may be the solution for you!

Our Virtual Organizing and Coaching services give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with our expert Professional Principal Lead Organizer from practically anywhere in the world!   Through virtual organizing we’ll work with you anywhere you are and provide expert coaching, solutions, advice and accountability to fit your needs and your space.

How Virtual Organizing Works

During a virtual organizing session, we use Zoom to meet with you, view your space in real time via photos and live video, and direct you through the organizing process while you do the physical work.  We are right there with you!  We’ll discuss your needs and provide specific direction, tools, resources, and solutions to get you started, with continued coaching, accountability, support and guidance to keep you moving in the right direction.

In a pre-determined time frame that suits your schedule, we’ll chat with you daily, bi-weekly or weekly tracking your progress, discussing upcoming tasks and setting benchmarks to reach your clutter free and home organizing goals.   If you have questions between sessions, just email us for advice!

We’ll answer all your organizing questions and ask you some challenging questions as well to determine your motivation for keeping items, teaching you new skills and teaching new habits to keep clutter at bay.

At a fraction of the cost of working with a Professional Organizer in person, Virtual Organizing is cost-efficient and can be just as effective.  It’s a great option if you don’t have a Professional Organizer living in your area.

We can help you to organize any space in your home as well as offer time management and productivity tools.

Our Steps Broken Down:

  • Contact us for a brief 10 minute or less telephone intake where we’ll discuss your needs and expectations. We’ll further explain how we work/operate and answer any questions you may have;
  • We’ll then schedule a consultation and needs assessment where you will connect with our virtual organizer via Zoom. This consultation session is approximately 45-minutes or less. We’ll view your space in real time via photos and/or live video to better direct you through the organizing process;
  • Once scheduled, you’ll receive a thank you email with your consultation date confirmation and instructions to connect to Zoom for your assessment;
  • On the day of your assessment, your virtual organizer will conduct your assessment and consultation by asking you some questions to get a sense of your behavioral habits and routine. They’ll conclude the assessment with a virtual tour of your space(s);
  • At the end of your consultation, you’ll discuss scheduling requirements and options with your organizer to best suit your schedule. Further discussions about payment options and packages can be expected at this stage as well;
  • Once dates are booked and payment for your sessions have been processed you can expect to connect with your virtual organizer via Zoom as scheduled to complete your space declutter and organization.
  • Once you’ve concluded your sessions with ClutterBGone we’ll follow-up with you. You can expect a 6-week follow-up and then a 6-month follow-up.

Give it a shot and try it today!


  1. What is Virtual Organizing? – Virtual Organizing is the innovative process of helping clients to become organized remotely using technology like our telephone, email, digital photos, videos, and video calls. Just like on-site organizing sessions, Virtual Organizing includes structure, timing and goals. The only difference is you do the physical organizing and we provide verbal guidance and support. Read more at
  2. Who are Virtual Organizers? – Virtual Organizers are professional Organizers who’ve had several years of on-site, hands-on organizing experience, high-level listening abilities, and the expertise to transfer (teach) organizing skills as a trainer or coach.
  3. What are the Benefits? – This can be the “Jump Start” you need to begin your organizing process or even “Tune-ups” after on-site appointments. If you don’t have the time to commit to a full onsite session these sessions are for you. Usually, each session is 1/2-hour in length and are a part of a series of sessions. There is also a financial benefit, Virtual Organizing reduces cost significantly compared to having an organizer onsite. Read more at
  4. Who is a Candidate? – This method of organization is for people who need and want to learn basic techniques or learn best with instructions and feel they can do the physical organizing on their own (We like to call them DIYers). This service is also for you if you’re a long-distance client and those who have narrow timeframes for organizing appointments. Read more at

Call us now for your free telephone intake and learn more about how we can get you organized virtually!