how to be more productive

Do You Want to Be More Productive? Here’s How!

If you find yourself getting less done than you had hoped within a certain amount of time, the reason why might not be what you think. Although you likely have interruptions in the day that can slow you down, the biggest reason why many people are unproductive is disorganization. This “D” word can be a terrifying one to admit exists in your home or office. But coming to this realization can help you be much more effective with your time. The key is to organize the physical space, sooner rather than later.

The More to Do, The More You Procrastinate

There is a lot of pressure on most people to do more, and to do it within a deadline. But having more on your plate will bring stress and bad coping habits, such as overeating. Instead of sinking into this negativity, organize your home and work areas to help improve productivity and banish procrastination.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity:

1.      Clear Clutter

Look at your work desk and, if you see clutter, now is the time to get rid of it. Rather than having stacks of random papers, distribute them into color-coded folders according to the task. This filing system can help you stay on top of things.

As you sort the papers, recycle or shred ones that you no longer need. Create a specific area on your desk for the “to do” papers too; these ones need you to act on them in a timely manner.

2.      Get Plants

Another tip is to incorporate plants. While you’ve likely already heard that plants clean the air, they have another important benefit.

The greenery can increase your mood and lower stress. The natural result is a go-getter attitude at home and work. Being happier will help energize you to get through projects, including tidying up.

3.      Digital Cleanup

When you turn on your computer, do you see a random assortment of folders across the desktop? If so, you might feel overwhelmed right away and not want to tackle the mess. But instead, the best thing to do is organize a bit each day so that you get through the organizing project without putting it off.

While you’re at it, delete any files or software that you no longer need or want to use. You also might want to look at productivity apps to improve your work performance.


A Final Tip: Take Breaks

While it might sound counter-intuitive, taking breaks can boost your productivity at home and work. If you keep at a task for a long time, your brain often starts to feel foggy or full. That makes sense as you can only consume so much information within a limited time.

Thus, it’s helpful to take a ten minute break every hour, or more often if you feel mentally tired. Find what works well for you.

Congratulate Yourself

As you organize rooms at home or your office, take time to look at what you’ve accomplished to date. Celebrate how far you have come and the ways that decluttering has improved your day. Perhaps you finished a work deadline early or finished rearranging the kitchen cupboards. Taking moments to reflect can bolster productivity and is a stress-free activity.

Do you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity and stop procrastinating? Our experts collaborate with you to meet your goals and are only a phone call away!