organizing for summer

Organize Your Home Now and Enjoy Your Summer

Rather than continually thinking how great it would be to finally clear away the clutter at home, make now the time when you decide to do so. Otherwise, you risk spending excess time stressing about disorganization rather than enjoying the summer in a home you love.

Set Your Priorities

While you likely have more than one project you want to do around the house, it’s best to pick one and see it through rather than risking feeling overwhelmed by doing multiple things. For example, if you want to organize the kitchen cupboards better and declutter your bedroom closet, pick the one you think is more pressing and see it through. After that, move onto the second project.

Do a Bit, and Do So Regularly

Rather than spending a beautiful summer day indoors, spend up to half an hour on the organizing project, and then enjoy the rest of your day. Plan to do this several times a week so that you get a bit done each time, slowly progressing toward your goal.

Taking this approach will help prevent you from feeling resentful of the clutter for taking away your summer fun. Even 10 minutes de-cluttering part of a room is a great use of time and won’t take away your time with family and friends this summer.

Take Time to Rest

After finishing that first home organizational project, don’t feel like you must move immediately onto the next one. Instead, relax and take time to enjoy the added space you have after clearing away clutter. When you are ready, move onto the next thing to tidy up. After all, summer is the time of year when you want to have moments or even entire days without an agenda.

organizing for summer

Get the Kids Involved

Your children are likely not doing schoolwork right now, which means that they’re more active around the house and creating more messes than usual. If so, include them in your efforts to maintain a tidy house over the summer months.

Ask them to pick up their toys after they’re done playing with them, for example. Explain to them that it would help you if they clean their bedroom and keep it that way too; they’re more likely to do so when they realize that it will help you.

Get the Patio Setup

If you’re not planning to spend a lot of time indoors because of the great weather ahead, then clean the patio and get the outdoor furniture set up on it right away. Then you’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of the season.

Assess if anything needs replacing or if the furniture needs painting. As well, if you have a BBQ, then give a deep clean so that the grill is ready for use.

Taking that First Step

Probably the toughest part of organizing the home for summer or any other time of the year is figuring out how to get to the goal, whether it is downsizing a room, figuring out a better filing system for the home office, tidying a closet, or something else.

Our professional organizers at ClutterBGone are happy to help you identify an objective and create a plan to meet it, as well as working with you to achieve the goal in a way that you find comfortable. Contact us today to learn more.