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5 Decluttering Tips Minus the Overwhelm

If you have ever started to declutter your home or office, you might have quickly felt overwhelmed by the process. That feeling can be so strong that you procrastinate on the project, which only adds to the stress of it. As for what exactly is overwhelming you, it could be that you don’t feel you have the time to do so, that certain possessions bring up strong emotions or several other reasons.

To help you declutter a room, closet, or another physical space effectively without feeling overwhelmed, these five decluttering tips can be useful.

Decluttering Tip 1 Go Small

Start with a small area for your project. While you might like the idea of tackling the entire home interior in a day, that’s not a reasonable goal.

Instead, start with part of a room or even a shelf. Make that the goal for the day or even for the week. Why put exact pressure on yourself?

Decluttering Tip 2 Make as Clear Plan

Decide what you will declutter and when (day and time). Determine how long each day you will spend on this project if it extends more than a day.

Also, determine what you intend to do in the space and what you will do with the possessions you remove from there. By setting a plan, you are less likely to feel overcome with emotion that you lose motivation and stop midway.

Decluttering Tip 3 Deciding Where to Start

If you’re not sure where to declutter first in the home, begin with a spot that will likely have the most impact. It could be the entryway that people see as soon as you open the front door, for example, or the bedroom so that you can enjoy a calmer environment that is conducive to deep sleep.

When you use this approach, you are more likely to see a big difference right away. Having that positive result will uplift and encourage you to continue to tackle messes throughout the rest of the house.

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Decluttering Tip 4 Talk with Your Partner

If decluttering seems hard because your partner is not supportive of your decluttering efforts, then it is best to speak openly with them. It may be hurtful that you’re open to clearing out many of your possessions, yet they don’t want to part with any of theirs.

Recognize that just as you likely needed time to conclude that decluttering is in your best interests, your partner, too, will benefit from time. If they aren’t ready to part with something, respect that. Suggest other items you would appreciate them tossing and explain why.

Decluttering Tip 5 There’s No Need to Be Perfect

In fact, there’s no such thing as perfection. So, avoid overwhelming yourself by trying to create a room that looks like it would be pictured in a magazine.

Those photos feature staged interiors, which means they are not everyday living spaces. Be realistic about your family’s needs and recognize that you are making a positive difference by doing this project.

If You Still Feel Overwhelmed

While the tips above will help you feel less overwhelmed as you declutter the home, but you may still feel there are obstacles. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Our professional organizers provide experienced assistance in a comfortable, supportive way. Reach out today to learn more about the process.