Virtual Organizing

3 Common Misconceptions about Virtual Organizing Services

A growing number of services are becoming available virtually for those who are not comfortable with certain activities that were “normal” before the COVID-19 pandemic, including having new people inside the home. ClutterBGone understands the anxieties associated with current times and never wants you to feel uneasy, which is why we provide virtual organizing and coaching. For a clear picture of what that involves, it’s helpful to dispel the common myths about virtual organizing services. Let’s start by talking about quality.

Myth #1: Virtual Organizers are Not as Good as In-Person

False! Our experienced organizers provide the same support and guidance virtually as we do in-person. While the professional does not travel to your home to work directly beside you, this individual still sees the space using photos or videos, and your privacy is always maintained.

The process is the same, whether the organizer is in the same room as you or virtually instead. You would work with the organizer to set a goal, create steps to achieve it, and carry out the plan.

While the organizer is not there to help sort, carry, or move items, they provide valuable insights about planning, offer creative solutions to problems, and encourage you throughout the process. Perhaps most importantly, you continue to feel safe in your home as there is not someone new entering it during these novel times.

Myth #2: Virtual Organizing Requires A Lot of Tech Knowledge

Again, not true. We often use intuitive Zoom software to chat with our virtual clients, from the introductory meeting to the organizing sessions. Skype is another common option.

Big reasons why Zoom and Skype are so popular is that they are simple to use. Setting up the software initially does not take much time. Once it is installed, you can use it to keep in touch with family and friends during and after the pandemic, in addition to the conversations with the dedicated organizer.

Virtual Organizing

Myth #3: Virtual Organizing is Only for Physical Clutter

This misconception is one that many people have about both our in-person and virtual services. While organizing typically applies to physical possessions, it can also refer to time management and productivity tools.

You might have a disorganized computer desktop, for example, that slows you down each day in your home office as you hunt through folders for specific documents. We can help you create a much more efficient system for digital files.

As well, people are not always clear about what spaces we can help you declutter in the home. From the garage to the attic, we can virtually assist with any room. Alternatively, we can focus on a certain part of a room, if you prefer, such as the kitchen cupboards or a bedroom closet.

Are You Ready to Start the Decluttering Process?

For additional information, check out the details available at our virtual organizing services page. ClutterBGone understands how important your home is to you, and we never want you to be uncomfortable. Contact us to work virtually with one of our experienced organizers on a project you’ve wanted to tackle for a while. Let’s do this!