3 Common Misconceptions about Virtual Organizing Services

A growing number of services are becoming available virtually for those who are not comfortable with certain activities that were “normal” before the COVID-19 pandemic, including having new people inside the home. ClutterBGone understands the anxieties associated with current times and never wants you to feel uneasy, which is why we provide virtual organizing and […]

Using Virtual Support Services to Stay Organized

If you’re like most people right now, you’re spending more time than usual within the home. Elected officials encourage Canadians to stay at home to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus by reducing contact with others. With a primarily indoor lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to be content in your house. Have […]

How to Spot Signs of Hoarding

The definition of hoarding is to amass and hide or stow away. Hoarders have difficulty parting with their possessions regardless of what the value may be. Typically, what sets a hoarder apart from someone who is disorganized or lives in clutter is the type of items they have like newspapers, bags, boxes and even old […]

Are You a Good Candidate for Virtual Organizing?

Many of you know what a Professional Organizer does. We come into your home and work to organize and de-clutter the space(s) causing you the most grief and frustration. We work with you, side by side or we work independently and call you in when we need you to make decisions. It’s your call how […]

5 Steps to Control Your Paper Monster

Now is a great time of the year to gain control of your paper monster at home or in your office. Do it now before the end of the year arrives with all that it brings. New technologies were supposed to reduce the amount of paper we create but I’ll bet if you are anything […]

The Key Benefits to Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is a new and growing trend in the downsizing and organizing industry. It’s not ideal for everyone who needs assistance in downsizing and organizing but great for many. Here are some of the benefits that can be realized through virtual organizing. It saves time and money Like any other professional service the cost […]

What Is Virtual Organizing?

You’ve heard the term virtual applied to a lot of different things, mostly as it relates to virtual reality where you can interact within a seemingly real or physical way. A great example is where you make funny faces into a looking glass to get immersed in another world. Well, who would’ve thought it would […]