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5 Benefits of Virtual Organizing

Spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic means that you are likely noticing things (big and small) around you that need fixing or decluttering. Even in lockdown, there are still ways to improve your residence with the help of a professional. Virtual organizing is a great example of that. Here are five benefits you can look forward to with virtual organizational services:

1.      Stay Safe at Home

If having a stranger working in your house makes you uncomfortable, virtual services provide a great alternative. You can still gain the experience and help of our expert organizers while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding unnecessary contact with someone outside of your bubble. We understand the risks associated with COVID-19 and want everyone to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

2.      Easy-To-Use Technology

Our organizers use Zoom to meet with you for a consultation, following a short telephone intake to talk about your needs and preferences. Zoom is a free, intuitive software that does not require in-depth computer knowledge. Once it is setup, Zoom is where most sessions happen. We also see your space via live video or photos to help us guide you as effectively as possible.

virtual organizing services

3.      As Effective as In-Person Sessions

You might assume that virtual organizing is limited because the expert who you work with won’t be hands-on. But the organizer can see your bedroom, closet, garage, home office, or another space clearly via the live video or photos you share privately with them. The organizer will guide you through each session while you do the physical work. You two can also communicate by phone and email to move the process along as smoothly as in-person.

4.      Build New Habits

You might notice that the virtual sessions work better for you than in-person ones because you are in control and have minimal distractions. The sessions often end with our professional giving you a task to do before the next session, while keeps you on task and building organizational habits. Use your newfound knowledge to keep the home clutter-free after finishing the project with our organizer.

5.      Flexible Schedule

Our team understands that busy people don’t have time to spend several hours a week in virtual sessions. Instead, we meet at a frequency that works for you, based on your schedule. A great advantage of virtual organizing is that you can record videos, send emails, or have a quick chat by phone with our expert to stay on track, even during a hectic week.

A Few Last Words

Look forward to finally clearing the clutter by working virtually with one of our organizing professionals. Tidying the home can help you enjoy the space more, which is vital given the additional stress brought on by the pandemic.

Feel good about your house once it is more orderly and functional than before. If you’ve been wanting to organize for a while but weren’t quite how to start, call us today. Find out more about the process, including how we tailor the experience to your goals, lifestyle, and unique home. We look forward to hearing from you!

virtual organizing services

How to Get Organized with Virtual Services

If you are spending more time at home during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Both provincial and local authorities continue to encourage staying at home to be safe. You may even have begun working from the house.

We applaud you for taking care to stay home, reduce travel, and social distance, all of which can help flatten the curve. As you spend more time indoors than before, you might suddenly notice clutter or desperately want to reorganize a certain room. To help you find solutions and see them through, lean on our professional organizers, who are available virtually if you are not comfortable seeing them in-person.

Clear the Clutter using Technology

Tech has been a great resource during the pandemic for keeping people connected. During a time that would otherwise be very isolating, conferencing software like Zoom has provided a way for friends and family to stay in touch. Being able to see the faces of others in their homes through a computer, tablet, or phone has helped fulfill the desire for human interaction.

Video chats are also helping people just like you fall back in love with their homes. Our organizing experts continue to meet virtually over Zoom with those who want to get a handle on clutter at home.

We are happy to provide our services by phone instead of video if you prefer that alternative. Digital photos and emails can also be a great complement to phone or video calls.

virtual organizing services

What the Virtual Organizing Process Looks Like

To start, simply contact us for a telephone intake, which only takes about 10 minutes and is designed to provide a brief introduction of what we do and what you are looking for in the at-home project.

Next, we set up a consultation, which typically is about 45 minutes. One of our friendly organizers will see your space in real-time via Zoom or in photos to see what steps are best to take to meet your project goals.

How often you two will meet after that is entirely up to you, depending on the urgency of the task, how busy you are, and other factors. We are flexible, accommodating the times that best fit your schedule.

During the decluttering sessions done over video chat or phone, the ClutterBGone organizer will only be as involved as you want them to be. If you prefer that they only have limited input at each step in the process, that is fine by us, as is having a bigger role. It is totally up to you.

How Virtual Organizing Can Help You

While the organizer will not step inside your home, this professional will assist you virtually with physically organizing a room, closet, home office, or another area. If you want to learn steps to organize, are unsure how to tackle clutter, or have little time to devote to the sorting process, you are a good candidate for the virtual organizing services.

Call us now to use virtual services that make your at-home time more enjoyable, all while staying safe.

Virtual Organizing

3 Common Misconceptions about Virtual Organizing Services

A growing number of services are becoming available virtually for those who are not comfortable with certain activities that were “normal” before the COVID-19 pandemic, including having new people inside the home. ClutterBGone understands the anxieties associated with current times and never wants you to feel uneasy, which is why we provide virtual organizing and coaching. For a clear picture of what that involves, it’s helpful to dispel the common myths about virtual organizing services. Let’s start by talking about quality.

Myth #1: Virtual Organizers are Not as Good as In-Person

False! Our experienced organizers provide the same support and guidance virtually as we do in-person. While the professional does not travel to your home to work directly beside you, this individual still sees the space using photos or videos, and your privacy is always maintained.

The process is the same, whether the organizer is in the same room as you or virtually instead. You would work with the organizer to set a goal, create steps to achieve it, and carry out the plan.

While the organizer is not there to help sort, carry, or move items, they provide valuable insights about planning, offer creative solutions to problems, and encourage you throughout the process. Perhaps most importantly, you continue to feel safe in your home as there is not someone new entering it during these novel times.

Myth #2: Virtual Organizing Requires A Lot of Tech Knowledge

Again, not true. We often use intuitive Zoom software to chat with our virtual clients, from the introductory meeting to the organizing sessions. Skype is another common option.

Big reasons why Zoom and Skype are so popular is that they are simple to use. Setting up the software initially does not take much time. Once it is installed, you can use it to keep in touch with family and friends during and after the pandemic, in addition to the conversations with the dedicated organizer.

Virtual Organizing

Myth #3: Virtual Organizing is Only for Physical Clutter

This misconception is one that many people have about both our in-person and virtual services. While organizing typically applies to physical possessions, it can also refer to time management and productivity tools.

You might have a disorganized computer desktop, for example, that slows you down each day in your home office as you hunt through folders for specific documents. We can help you create a much more efficient system for digital files.

As well, people are not always clear about what spaces we can help you declutter in the home. From the garage to the attic, we can virtually assist with any room. Alternatively, we can focus on a certain part of a room, if you prefer, such as the kitchen cupboards or a bedroom closet.

Are You Ready to Start the Decluttering Process?

For additional information, check out the details available at our virtual organizing services page. ClutterBGone understands how important your home is to you, and we never want you to be uncomfortable. Contact us to work virtually with one of our experienced organizers on a project you’ve wanted to tackle for a while. Let’s do this!

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Using Virtual Support Services to Stay Organized

If you’re like most people right now, you’re spending more time than usual within the home. Elected officials encourage Canadians to stay at home to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus by reducing contact with others. With a primarily indoor lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to be content in your house. Have you considered using Virtual Support Services to help you stay organized?

Temporarily Working from Home

A growing number of Ontario companies are asking employees to work from home, and you could be one of them. A big challenge of making the switch to remote work is getting organized.

An effective way to get back on track – and stay that way – is to create a workspace that, well, works. Start by creating a place that you’re comfortable with spending a significant amount of time.

Then close the door while working to keep out noise. Let your family know you are not to be interrupted unless it’s an emergency when they see the closed door.

Most importantly, make sure your office is clean to boost productivity. An overflowing garbage can, cluttered area, and grimy desk are not only an ugly sight but also a health risk.

Regularly sanitize and maintain the designated work area to reduce the number of germs in the house, a measure that is extra-important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying in good health means you’ll take fewer sick days, whereas you’d have less energy to put toward work if you’re not feeling 100 percent.

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The Added Stress of Clutter

Even if you’re not working out of the home, you probably still spend a significant amount of time there nowadays. Clearing away the clutter has the potential to improve not only your physical environment but also your mind.

Clutter is a life stressor for several reasons. Firstly, it keeps you from getting a task done quickly, which slows you down and is likely frustrating.

Messes also make it hard to relax, which only adds to the fear and anxiety many people are feeling during the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, clutter spurs feelings of guilt about being disorganized.

To combat clutter, whether it is in all or part of your home, the best strategy is to bring in assistance. For example, ask other members of the household to help clean up areas, making them responsible for a specific zone.

If you live alone or want the help of an expert organizer rather than family, consider a virtual support option that doesn’t involve physically bringing someone into your home.

virtual support services

Getting Professional Help Virtually

The ClutterBGone team understands the risks of bringing a stranger into your residence during COVID-19. We also know how important a clean, organized home is to your personal well-being.

Ease your mind by clearing clutter within your home through Virtual Organizing Support Services. Using Zoom, an intuitive video communication tool, one of our experts meets you, views your living space via photos and live video, and listens to your organizational needs, no matter where you live.

The professional then uses this info to form a structured plan with you and proposes solutions to meet goals over a specific timeline. They then guide you through the de-cluttering process through regular chats; some clients like to talk weekly, while others prefer bi-weekly.

The process is the same as working with an organizer in-person, except that they show you how to apply useful techniques by phone or video, and you physically move the items.

Managing the Home during COVID-19

One way to take back control during a time when so many things feel out of your hands is by regaining a tidy house. Working with a virtual organizer can decrease your stress level, as well as boost productivity if you are temporarily working from home.

Achieve these benefits without worrying about the health-related risks of bringing someone in the front door who you don’t know. Call us today to learn more about virtually organizing your space.

How to Spot Signs of Hoarding

signs of hoarding
The definition of hoarding is to amass and hide or stow away. Hoarders have difficulty parting with their possessions regardless of what the value may be. Typically, what sets a hoarder apart from someone who is disorganized or lives in clutter is the type of items they have like newspapers, bags, boxes and even old food. If you, or someone you love, is heading towards being a hoarder here are a few signs to watch for.

The inability to throw anything away

Hoarders aren’t able to throw anything away. They feel an attachment to everything that they have regardless of its state or value. Often, they don’t see that they have a problem. Researchers have found that victims of hoarding have abnormal activity in regions of the brain involved in decision making – particularly in what to do with objects that belong to them. Not only do hoarders collect too many things but they feel unable to throw them out even if they are useless.

Anxiety sets in at the thought of discarding an item

Have you heard the term disposophobia? signs of hoardingIt’s the fear of losing things or fear of getting rid of something. It’s also known as ‘Hoarding disorder’. This disorder causes the sufferer to save everything and brings on anxiety at the thought of having to get rid of any of it. The heart rate elevates, the breathing increases and the sufferer would rather run away than face a decision.

The inability to sort, categorize or organize any possessions

Unlike somebody who is just disorganized or lives with clutter, a hoarder is not able to sort their possessions in any manner. Their possessions need to be close to them and organizing them or storing them in any manner is out of the question.

The loss of living space

Slowly the living space will disappear in a hoarders’ home. Possessions will take over all space that is available leaving nowhere to sit, sleep or entertain. Once this happens hoarders will become more isolated as they become embarrassed about their home and don’t want visitors. Visitors will judge or will want to intervene.

The home is becoming unsanitary

Keeping the home of someone who hoards clean is almost impossible. There are too many items to get to an area that needs cleaning. Dirty dishes pile up, left over food is left out, laundry doesn’t get done, toilets aren’t cleaned, etc. A dirty home can quickly become unsanitary or even unhealthy.

If you recognize the beginnings of any of these signs in, you or a loved one contact ClutterBGone here for a free assessment to see how we can turn things around and get your space organized and clutter free.

Are You a Good Candidate for Virtual Organizing?

virtual organizing

Many of you know what a Professional Organizer does. We come into your home and work to organize and de-clutter the space(s) causing you the most grief and frustration. We work with you, side by side or we work independently and call you in when we need you to make decisions. It’s your call how involved you want to be.

With virtual organizing you’re working on your own with our guidance, coaching, instruction and support using today’s technology. Are you a good candidate for virtual organizing?

You’re ready

The first step of course is to recognize that clutter has affected you or your loved ones in some way and that you’re ready to take control of the clutter in your life.virtual organizing

You realize that you just can’t get it done yourself and that you need instruction, coaching and assistance.

You recognize the value of a professional organizer

Professional Organizers are trained to get your home and life in order to make life easier for you and to make your home as clutter free and productive as possible. During the transition we create systems and processes for you to follow so you can expect to maintain the same organization in your home after we leave.

You’re good at working independently

You need to be good at working on your own and be able to complete tasks on time. Part of the virtual organizing process is for the Virtual Organizer to follow up on your progress and assign agreed upon deadlines for having tasks completed.

You are “somewhat” familiar with today’s technology

You don’t have to be rocket scientist but you should be comfortable using any number of communication methods like Skype, Facetime or others. virtual organizingWe use a platform called “Zoom”. It really is easy to communicate with us so don’t worry, we will walk you through it if needed.

You live in an area that is not serviced by our profession

If you live outside of the traditional suburban areas chances are you won’t be able to find a professional organizer that serves your area. Virtual organizing to the rescue! Now everybody has access to a professional organizer and you can actually hire anybody you want from any part of the world (but I know you will choose ClutterBGone).

Work at your own pace, at your own time and at significant savings. If you feel you are a good candidate for virtual organizing, we have a variety of packages that will suit any requirement. Contact us here to learn more about virtual organizing.

5 Steps to Control Your Paper Monster

organized office

Now is a great time of the year to gain control of your paper monster at home or in your office. Do it now before the end of the year arrives with all that it brings. New technologies were supposed to reduce the amount of paper we create but I’ll bet if you are anything like me you haven’t seen a decrease in the amount of paper that comes in your home or that you generate.

Follow these steps to control your paper monster in your home or office.

Gather it all up

Get all the papers together. organized officeCheck all of your drawers, coat pockets, desks, bags or piles you have lying around in your home or office and put it all in one place. If you have already filed a lot of paper away that’s great. We are just talking about all the papers that you have lying around.

Can you define what you really need to keep?

Now separate this big pile into two piles. One pile for what you need and one for what you don’t need. It may seem like common sense and easy to do but many of you hang on to paper for many reasons. “I may need to refer to it”, “maybe I need to return it” are reasons I hear a lot.

Take a good hard look at each piece of paper and put it into the appropriate pile. Anything in your discard pile should be shredded just to be on the safe side.

Receipts are a major source of paper clutter in many homes. If you have purchased a piece of clothing and it fits or you have consumed a food item then you don’t need to hang on to the receipt unless you need it for tax purposes.

Speaking of which, anything you need for tax purposes should be filed in your tax file right away. When you get home take the receipts out of your coat, pocket or wallet and slide it into your current year tax file for your accountant to deal with next year.

Which filing system is best for you?

Now you can divide your keep pile into categories. There are many different ways to file paper but I personally like to file them according to the type of paper that they are. organized officeFor instance, I have a Utilities section where I have created files for cable TV, hydro, etc. I have an Employment section where I have opened a file for every member of the household to put their pay slips, reviews or anything else employment related. I prefer this method as you can zero in on the category and have fewer files to go through to find what you need.

Label your files clearly and ensure you have enough room so you are not jamming the paper into your file folders. Your files should move freely in your drawer.

Assign a space for new paper

In order to keep your home free of paper clutter, assign a place for all paper and mail to be placed upon arrival into the home. This can be a small tray, bowl, basket or anything you like.

Stay on top of it

As you file your monthly statements or bills away you may want to discard the oldest one so that only the last 6 months are always on hand. Don’t forget to put discarded papers through the shredder for privacy.

Paper clutter is a common sight in many homes and a major contributor to clutter everywhere. Don’t let the paper monster get a hold of you. Contact ClutterBGone to see why we love attacking the paper monster.

The Key Benefits to Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing

Virtual organizing is a new and growing trend in the downsizing and organizing industry. It’s not ideal for everyone who needs assistance in downsizing and organizing but great for many. Here are some of the benefits that can be realized through virtual organizing.

It saves time and money

Like any other professional service the cost of employing traditional assistance to downsize and organize can be outside of your budget. Virtual organizingVirtual organizing is less costly for several reasons. There are no travel costs for a professional organizer to get to your location.

With virtual organizing you are working with one fully trained professional organizer rather than having a team of 2 or more come to your home. Typically, we work in shorter time blocks resulting in less cost to you.

We run on your schedule

Regardless of the way we communicate, our hours are more available to our clients as we are not in traffic or on site at a daylong job. With sessions typically lasting only one hour it is easier to set a time to meet electronically.

Less pressure on you, the client

On many of our initial consultations we know you may be embarrassed with the state of your home. With virtual organizing we are seeing and working on only the part of your home that is currently giving you grief and that you want to work on.

It’s a good first step

For those that are hesitant about hiring a professional organizer, a virtual organizing session can give you an idea, at less cost, of how we work. Virtual organizing It will also allow you to get to know your professional organizer. After all, to be really effective you need to be able to trust and work well with anybody you hire.

You may realize that virtual organizing is not really your thing and therefore may require a traditional session with on site staff. Conversely, you may find that virtual organizing is the way you want to continue.

It is available to everyone

At ClutterBGone we have received a lot of inquiries from people outside of our traditional service area. We strive to service everyone who contacts us but in some cases unfortunately they are just too far away.

This new service allows us to serve anybody who requires our service regardless of where they are located.

Virtual organizing may not be for everybody but it is available to everyone. Contact us here to find out more and how we can assist you virtually!

What Is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing

You’ve heard the term virtual applied to a lot of different things, mostly as it relates to virtual reality where you can interact within a seemingly real or physical way. A great example is where you make funny faces into a looking glass to get immersed in another world. Well, who would’ve thought it would be applied to organizing? Virtual organizing is here and you don’t need the glasses for the real experience, just the electronic device of your choice!

Virtual organizing is just another way to get organized without the need for a physical organizer at your home. We help you get organized through videoconference. Virtual organizing works well as a compliment to a client who has already implemented an organizing system and just needs a little maintenance now and again or a self-motivated individual that like the DIY projects


There are many benefits to virtual organizing for our clients. You all have busy lives. We understand that so why not make it easier? Arrange a virtual organizing session around your timetable and forget about travel costs and parking. Without having a physical organizer travel to your home or office there is less cost associated with the process. Virtual organizing GTAFor those that live in more rural areas you now have better access to a professional organizer.
Organizing can cause stress to our clients. Sessions can leave some clients feeling overwhelmed and pressured to make decisions quickly. Virtual organizing allows you to move at your own pace.

How we do it

First, we’ll “e-meet” to determine your needs and timeframe. Next, we will agree on a plan as to how and when things will be completed. We’ll make contact at agreed upon intervals to gauge your progress and receive any feedback. At that point we will set your new priorities for the next timeframe. All the way through this we are sharing our experience in space planning, organizing tools and other resources to transform your space.

What you need to know

Virtual organizing won’t be for everybody. A lot of ClutterBGone clients like to have someone working beside them or just aren’t capable of performing the work themselves. Virtual organizing GTAYou must be able to perform the physical work and be able to stay on course. Virtual organizing works well for those who are self-motivated individuals and the ones that like to DIY.

ClutterBGone has assisted many clients over the years to transform their homes and offices into fully functional spaces. If you require a little tune up or are on a bit of a budget, why not try virtual organizing?