organizing your kitchen

5 Simple Steps to Organize Your Kitchen Effectively

The kitchen is a room that gets a lot of use. Rather than avoiding using it because of the clutter, use these tips to organize your kitchen cabinets and shelves better than before, so you look forward to making dinner for the family.

Step 1 – Use Storage Containers

To organize your kitchen effectively, group similar items to help them look tidier, as well as making them easier to find when you’re cooking. Baskets and bins without lids are great for snacks as the kids can quickly reach inside to get what they need when hungry after school.

Look for ones that match or are identical to create a uniform look, especially on open shelving where there’s no hiding away the clutter. Also, collect loose items like tea bags into clear canisters so you can see when they’re running low and refill them.

organize your kitchen

Step 2 – Utilize Open Spaces

Look at awkward spaces around the fridge or elsewhere that you can use for additional storage when looking to organize your kitchen. For instance, there might be a gap between the fridge and the wall where you can add a shelf for extra cups and bowls.

Also, consider hanging items from the wall rather than putting them in cupboards where they would take up precious space. Hang pots and pans by attaching a metal railing to the wall and adding hooks; select hooks that allow the cookware to hang flat against the wall.

Step 3 – Downsize the Kitchen

Before you start moving things around, decide if you really need everything currently in the kitchen. For example, do you both sets of measuring cups? The chances are good that if you donate one of the sets, you will not miss it.

Go through each cupboard and drawer to find duplicates to donate or sell. At the same time, look for unused items that are taking up space. Each one you part with will free up room in the kitchen.

Step 4 – Adjust Shelves

Have you adjusted your kitchen cabinets’ shelves lately? If not, then you could be missing out on better organizing the cabinets.

Create more vertical storage space by moving shelves so that they are only slightly higher than objects. If you have room for another shelf, the local hardware store can cut a new piece of plywood quickly and easily to fit.

organizing your kitchen

Step 5 – Group Glassware and Dinnerware

If you see a chaotic array of mugs, glasses, and dishes when you open the cabinet, it’s time to rethink how you’ve put them on the shelves. Devote lower shelves to the glasses and mugs you use every day and put frequently-used bowls and plates within easy reach too.

Special occasion items can go higher up, as they used less often. Also, store glasses with the rims up to protect them from damage.

Final Words on Organizing the Kitchen

At the end of each day, look at the countertop and remove any items that don’t belong there, such as the kids’ schoolwork or random items unpacked from the dishwasher. A clean countertop makes a kitchen look instantly more attractive.

Reduce clutter and boost storage by using the tips above, as well as reaching out to our professional organizers for more ways to improve your kitchen’s functionality. There are many ways to reduce clutter without having to do a major kitchen renovation.