Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps

Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps

If you are transitioning to a new home, then downsizing your belongings is a good idea. Here is a four-step plan to do so with less fuss.

Step 1: Start with the big stuff

Deciding what stays and what goes is easier when you feel like you’re making good progress. Start by making decisions about the big-sized items, such as the washer and dryer.

Ask yourself if it’s worth moving certain appliances to the new home, especially if you’re leaving the province. If the new residence has them already, then do you prefer yours to the ones there?

As for large collections, such as dishware, do you plan to keep them? Or, does selling or gifting them make more sense?

If you find it tough parting with the whole collection, consider keeping only your favourite pieces from it. Next, go through other items, such as large gifts you received, and think about whether you want to take them to the new place.

Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps

Step 2: Sort into four piles

The next step for home downsizing effectively is to create four distinct piles. One pile is for giveaways; these are items that you will give for free to family or friends.

The other sorting stations to create are donations, for-sale items, and trash. If the item still has usefulness, then consider donating it to a non-profit organization.

Could you use some extra cash to help with the move? If so, then put items into the sale pile and use online marketplaces to make a few bucks.

The trash mound goes to the dump, whether you drop it off yourself or hire someone to come pick up the items. These things are broken or unusable at this point.

Step 3: Go through each room

After deciding on the big items, it’s time to go from one room to the next to deal with the smaller possessions. Certain things hold memories, and it can be tough to declutter those ones. Give yourself time to reminisce as you go through each one to honour it, and then decide if has a place in the new home.

As you go through the rooms, have someone with you during this emotional job. A professional organizer can provide support as you decide which of the four piles to put things into during the downsizing process. We are only a phone call away and understand useful ways to declutter all or part of a home.

Step 4: Go easy on yourself

This process is a tough one, so give yourself regular breaks from sorting to relax. Spread out the process over several weeks, if possible, so that it does not feel overly burdensome.

Also, if you have an off day, that is normal; try to be more productive the next time you battle the clutter. The downsizing process brings up many emotions and memories, but know that you will get through it, and look forward to the next stage in your life in a new home.

The future residence is where you will make new memories. Many positive moments await you there. As always, if you need a little extra support and guidance, give us a call. We’re back in action and look forward to helping out!