Organizing Your Garden Shed

Tips To Organizing Your Garden Shed for Summer

If you enjoy gardening, then you know that it’s a great way to calm the mind and enjoy the outdoors. But the stress can return after a peaceful weekend afternoon in the yard when you return the tools to a messy garden shed. To help you maintain your sense of calm, here are tips for organizing your garden shed for summer.

Get Shelving and Bins

If your shed lacks shelves, then it’s no wonder that the space is chaotic. Gardening involves a range of items, from planters to handheld tools, and don’t even get us started on soil mixtures. These things require a simple storage area within the shed, or they will quickly take over the interior.

One of the first organizing your garden shed steps, therefore, is investing in a sturdy open shelving unit. You may find that you need more than one, depending on if you store additional supplies there than only gardening-related ones.

Metal shelves are designed to hold heavy items and have an industrial look that suits a gardening shed. Plus, the shelves are usually adjustable so that you can tailor it to the height of the stored items.

Lastly, get metal or plastic bins for the shelves to help prevent clutter. Sort the items and put them into the baskets accordingly. For example, you might put seed packets in one, garden tools in another, and gloves in a third one.

Organizing Your Garden ShedUse Wall Hanging Hooks

Wall-mounted hooks are very useful. They can be used to create a tool rack so that you can easily grab long tools like hoes and shovels when you want to use them.

This storage solution uses wall space that would otherwise likely be empty. Add a larger hook to hang the garden hose on so that you’re not stepping on it or searching for where you put it the last time.

Create a Potting Bench

Find room for a potting bench within your garden shed so that you can transplant seedlings and do other gardening activities. It could be as simple as using an old table or find easy DIY tutorials online to build the work bench you’ve always dreamed of.

Hang a Corkboard

Keep a seasonal calendar hung from a corkboard on the wall of the garden shed. Within it, mark when you do certain garden and lawn chores, such as when the grass was mowed last and mulched beds.

Among the maintenance tasks for summer are fertilizing flowers and vegetables monthly and checking for insect damage or disease. The calendar can help you keep your garden at its best in summer. Keep the schedule up the rest of the year and continue to do tasks so that the exterior doesn’t get neglected.

Final Words on Garden Shed Organization

An organized garden shed can make your hobby more enjoyable. Now you will easily find items and know exactly when you are running low on twine or something else because you’ll see it’s running low. Enjoy the calmness too that comes with a place that is clean and tidy.

If you look around your shed and feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting to clear the clutter, reach out to our professional organizers for help. We are only a phone call away and are happy to provide suggestions for your storage dilemmas.