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How to Love Your Home Again During Covid-19

With so much time spent indoors during COVID-19, it’s easy to see why many people have fallen out of love with their homes. Being in the same environment day after day can make the place feel lackluster.

Thankfully, there are ways to refresh the homestead, which is a much more affordable option than moving to a new property. Here are some great suggestions to try in order to love your home again.

Move Furniture Around

If you aren’t satisfied with a room’s layout, then it’s time to do something productive about it. Moving around the furniture can make the living room, bedroom or another space more inviting, not to mention more functional.

Finding a great layout starts with deciding on a focal point for the room, such as a television or fireplace. Then face the couch toward it, with additional chairs at the  sides. Decide where to place tables so that drinks and the TV remote are easily accessible.

Add Plants

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to refresh a living space. If you have a corner that no furniture seems to fit into, then a plant or tree can fill the area nicely to love your homecomplete the room or hallway.

You might even place different types of greenery of varying heights into the corner, rather than just a single item, for a dynamic look. If you like the grouping idea, try adding smaller plants for a coffee table centerpiece too.

Create a Statement Wall

Make a major change in a room easily with a statement wall. Select a bright colour for the one wall that compliments the neutral shade on the other walls. If you want to take it a step further, use tape to create stripes or another pattern on the single wall.

If you’d rather not paint, then add temporary wallpaper instead. It’s a simple way to update the look of a bedroom without committing to it long-term.

Tidy Up

When your house is messy, it’s harder to love it because all you see is what needs tidying up. So, commit to spending time regularly organizing the rooms, and try to keep them tidy.

Seeing the progress will encourage you to keep the house clean, and you will likely find joy again in the same rooms that used to stress you out with the messes. As you’re plugging away at the process of straightening up, focus on the positive aspects of what you’re doing rather than seeing it as a chore.

Making a House into a Home

Given how much time you’re liking spending indoors right now, it’s important to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and uplifts your spirits, rather than being a source of stress. If you’re not sure where to start with organizing and decluttering, we are now available to assist in-home with services that meet public health guidelines.

We ask staff and clients to have a mask or face covering. Also, we regularly wash our hands, wear gloves (where needed), and limit the number of people within one space at a time.

We are pleased to be able to support you once again! Your health and safety are vital to us, and we are happy to answer any questions. Reach out today. We want you to love your home once again!