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Using Virtual Support Services to Stay Organized

If you’re like most people right now, you’re spending more time than usual within the home. Elected officials encourage Canadians to stay at home to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus by reducing contact with others. With a primarily indoor lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to be content in your house. Have you considered using Virtual Support Services to help you stay organized?

Temporarily Working from Home

A growing number of Ontario companies are asking employees to work from home, and you could be one of them. A big challenge of making the switch to remote work is getting organized.

An effective way to get back on track – and stay that way – is to create a workspace that, well, works. Start by creating a place that you’re comfortable with spending a significant amount of time.

Then close the door while working to keep out noise. Let your family know you are not to be interrupted unless it’s an emergency when they see the closed door.

Most importantly, make sure your office is clean to boost productivity. An overflowing garbage can, cluttered area, and grimy desk are not only an ugly sight but also a health risk.

Regularly sanitize and maintain the designated work area to reduce the number of germs in the house, a measure that is extra-important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying in good health means you’ll take fewer sick days, whereas you’d have less energy to put toward work if you’re not feeling 100 percent.

virtual support services

The Added Stress of Clutter

Even if you’re not working out of the home, you probably still spend a significant amount of time there nowadays. Clearing away the clutter has the potential to improve not only your physical environment but also your mind.

Clutter is a life stressor for several reasons. Firstly, it keeps you from getting a task done quickly, which slows you down and is likely frustrating.

Messes also make it hard to relax, which only adds to the fear and anxiety many people are feeling during the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, clutter spurs feelings of guilt about being disorganized.

To combat clutter, whether it is in all or part of your home, the best strategy is to bring in assistance. For example, ask other members of the household to help clean up areas, making them responsible for a specific zone.

If you live alone or want the help of an expert organizer rather than family, consider a virtual support option that doesn’t involve physically bringing someone into your home.

virtual support services

Getting Professional Help Virtually

The ClutterBGone team understands the risks of bringing a stranger into your residence during COVID-19. We also know how important a clean, organized home is to your personal well-being.

Ease your mind by clearing clutter within your home through Virtual Organizing Support Services. Using Zoom, an intuitive video communication tool, one of our experts meets you, views your living space via photos and live video, and listens to your organizational needs, no matter where you live.

The professional then uses this info to form a structured plan with you and proposes solutions to meet goals over a specific timeline. They then guide you through the de-cluttering process through regular chats; some clients like to talk weekly, while others prefer bi-weekly.

The process is the same as working with an organizer in-person, except that they show you how to apply useful techniques by phone or video, and you physically move the items.

Managing the Home during COVID-19

One way to take back control during a time when so many things feel out of your hands is by regaining a tidy house. Working with a virtual organizer can decrease your stress level, as well as boost productivity if you are temporarily working from home.

Achieve these benefits without worrying about the health-related risks of bringing someone in the front door who you don’t know. Call us today to learn more about virtually organizing your space.