declutter where to start

Declutter – Where and When to Start

As you look around the house, do you wonder how the piles of paper got so big or when you lost sight of the back of the closet? If possessions seem to be accumulating and you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to tackling the project, the tips below can provide a good starting point.

First Steps in Decluttering

Begin by deciding which space to declutter first. If it is a room, focus on only a portion of it at first to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Then, think about how you would like the living space to look at the end of the project. Keep that vision as you make decisions about what to keep and where to place items on counters or in drawers.

Making Positive Changes

Next, clear an area where you can make piles to sort the possessions. Designate piles as keep, donate, or sell.

As you clear away stuff, box up the donation and sell piles so that you are not tempted to take back the items rather than part with them. Perhaps most importantly, start to practice the habit of only buying what is necessary to nip the urge to accumulate new things in the bud.

At the end of the project, step back and look at how different the space looks now than before. Make a pact with yourself that you will keep it looking this clean and tidy. As you start to enjoy the area, you’ll likely find yourself regularly clearing away any new clutter to maintain the minimalist look.

Have a conversation too with the family about how they can help you to keep the home looking its best. Explain that you want a clean, organized residence and that their assistance is necessary. Once they know that a tidy home is important to you, they’re more likely to join in and lend a hand.

declutter where to start

When to Start Decluttering?

Now that you have the tools to begin to declutter, the next question is, when to start doing it? Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you likely are spending more time than usual at home to help reduce the associated health risks.

To find a positive in this challenging time, why not look at tackling clutter now? Perhaps it is creating a home office in a bedroom or living room, for example, while temporarily working from home. Or, it might be another room, a closet, or the entire house that you want to get into order.

During a time in the world that is creating stress for many people, start to find peace in the home so that it can become a place that can be a retreat rather than where you feel trapped during COVID-19.

If you want to bring in a professional for guidance, virtual organizing services can help you. The support services from ClutterBGone occur via phone or video calls at times that are convenient for you.

Set goals and meet them with an expert, all without worrying about another entering the home. Rather than putting off the task, declutter living spaces while spending more time than usual inside and create a place that brings less stress than before.