Organizing Your Apps

Apps drive me crazy.  Every time I open my IPAD it seems there are a bunch of app updates I need to take care of.  The problem is that my husband, as helpful as he is, can’t resist the temptation to get any new app that comes along that is free, so he takes the liberty of loading them on my IPAD without my knowledge.  If you’re one of those people that can’t resist to install “just one more” read on to see how you can strap a harness on the overabundance of apps and retain your productivity and sanity.

First of all you need to figure out what apps you actually use before you actually start to de-clutter your technology.   Any apps that you have downloaded and only used a couple of times should be removed.  Then rather than having pages and pages of apps to swipe through to find the app you want,  organize your apps into categories or groups such as “news”, “travel”, “fitness”, etc. Think of it as putting your apps into filing cabinets. This way you can stay organized and easily find them when you need them.

To do this with your IPAD, simply press and hold the first app icon until it begins to shake.  Then let go and you will notice that all app icons will now be shaking. Press the app you want to move and slide it over another app that belongs in the same category.  Once you let go, these two apps will now be combined into one “file”.  From there you will be asked to name this file.  Use the suggested file name or type your own file name that makes sense for that grouping of apps.

Once you have all your apps organized remember to perform regular maintenance to keep them under control.  Don’t feel pressured to download every new and trendy app that you hear about.  Think about what you really need and will use and let your better judgement prevail.


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