How To Get Your Car Organized and Decluttered Now

To many people, their car is a statement. Your car can be an extension of yourself and in fact tells others about you, your character, style, and personality. To others, their car is an investment. In either case, a car is a big-ticket purchase that you want to take care of in order to obtain […]

Emergency Preparedness – Be Organized

  With the recent devastating fire in Fort McMurray I thought it prudent to write about being organized and prepared for an emergency. You never know when an emergency will strike or where. I think back to the Mississauga train derailment in 1979 when 200,000 people were evacuated or the black out in 2003 that […]

Ideas for Clutter-free Gifts

Getting close to the holiday gift giving season I thought this was a great time to remind everyone that you can express your love and appreciation for friends and family without giving “stuff”. I remember many years ago we would see these huge piles of gifts at our family gatherings, sometimes spanning several feet out […]

5 DIY Organizing Projects

Once in a while I post a couple of ideas that I’ve come across that will help you get and stay organized. They are simple DIY projects that are easy to create and easy to maintain. Here are a few of my favourites. 1) Wall storage bins from old crates Many of us have old […]

5 Best Places To Find Organizing Products

I often get asked where we find some of the products that we use when organizing someone’s home or office. So here is a list of some of the best places to get organizing products for you DIY type people. As a preliminary caution however, we always advise our clients not to purchase anything until […]

5 Signs That You Might Be A Clutterer

You know those old Jeff Foxworthy jokes that start with “You might be a Redneck if…” …..Well, I am going to borrow from that famous line but add my own twist. Here are the 5 signs that you might be a “clutterer”. 1) It continually takes you a lot longer than you thought to find […]

5 Recycled Items That Will Get You Organized

After watching a recent news show regarding the amount of waste that each of us creates that ends up being in land fills (and a lot of that should be recycled!) I decided to write about some of the everyday items that we toss in the garbage that could be re-purposed and used to help […]

5 Important Tips to Organize Your Fridge

Refrigerators have become quite the techy device these days. They have everything from clocks to ice and water dispensers to even televisions built in. You can have top freezers, bottom freezers and even hidden doors inside, but when it comes down to it your refrigerator is there for storing and keeping food fresh. Here are […]

3 Clever Ideas To Store, Protect & Organize Your Memories

As we downsize or inherit or just live in smaller quarters, most people are challenged with how to organize and store their memories and treasures. Here are some clever and creative ways to keep those memories alive without taking up all your precious real estate and creating clutter. Memory Jar I just recently created a […]

5 Steps To Organize Your Garage For Spring

Finally! Spring is here! It has been a long time coming but I hope in your part of the country spring is starting to show signs of arrival. My husband was just out in our garage sweeping it out and my thoughts turned to all of you that are going to turn your garage from […]