Make Money From Your Clutter

There are lots of ways to make some cash from the excess items and clutter you have around your home. It doesn’t matter what it is, you can turn your clutter into cash. Wouldn’t you like to get some money from de-cluttering?

There are many books around that can assist you with turning your clutter into cash but I really like this particular book authored by Donna Smallin Kuper.  It helps you to do just that. Although she’s in the U.S. there are many great ideas and tips.

You will learn what to sell, where and for how much.  It has tons of advice based on her own personal experiences.

To get you started ask yourself these 3 questions to decide what to keep and what to let go:

1.  How many times have I used this in the last year?

2.  Do I have more than one of these and do I really need all of them?

3.  Is this too large or too small for me?

Now go out there and turn your clutter into cash!


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