Setting Boundaries With Organizing Memorabilia

Everyone has some form of memorabilia, whether it be your child’s artwork, high school yearbooks or ticket stubs from special events. I myself have a tote just for my own special items, as well as a tote for items from each of my children, no longer living at home. Although these items help us to recall the past, we all must live in the present. Keeping too much memorabilia can restrict us from living in the present by taking up valuable space we need to be able to use and access now. It’s a good idea to confine your memorabilia to a small tote or chest and not exceed this boundary. This way you prevent your sentimental items from turning into clutter. And remember……..The treasure is in the memory itself, not in the physical item.

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  1. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    Organizing and editing memorabilia is always a sensitive and challenging area. I’m happy that it made sense to you. I’m currently working on a project where my client has literally dozens of boxes of memorabilia, including photos, old letters, etc. in his attic. Boxes that have never been opened or viewed for over a decade. Mice had run rampant throughout and dampness had taken it’s toll of many of the items. We’ve edited and culled many, but there are still much more to review. Time consuming and a trip down memory lane at the same time! It’s always very humbling when my clients invite me into their personal space and share lifetime memories.

  2. MARY
    MARY says:

    I have a fear of losing my memory and thus keep all my tickets to shows and events, keep all children’s art and so on just so i know what i did when and where. I like what you said about “it’s not the ticket that matters but the memory. My solution if i may share it with you, it to lay out my “stuff” and take a digital picture. now i have a hard copy (don’t forget to print it) and all the little stubs and tickets, art, notes can be disposed of permenently.voila! no clutter

  3. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    Thank you for sharing! That is a great idea and exactly what I suggest to my clients. Remember also to make notes on the back of each photo you print to give you further reminders and details of the event or image you captured.

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    Wettbewerbe says:

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