Organizing Your Closets

After meeting with a few new clients today for consultations it struck me that, when it comes to closet organizing, I receive the same questions and hear the same dilemmas. Often times clients will tell me they have tried to organize their closets on many occasions only to have their attempts fail over and over again. Here’s a quick tip to start your organizing project: organize your closet when it’s at its fullest. You need to make sure that all your clothes for the season are clean, all items back from the dry-cleaners and all other items, namely, belts, bags, scarves, etc. are in your room so everything is in one place and you can see all that you have. There should be nothing in transit. This way when you begin to organize your space you will be working with all the clothes that you own. When you are make sure you have a place to put the laundry and dry cleaning.

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