how to organize work and personal life

How to Organize Work and Personal Life during COVID-19

If you are working from home during COVID-19, you likely are trying to create a temporary work area and adapt to doing your job functions remotely. As if that’s not enough, add in homeschooling kids during massive school closures and a partner who also is at home more than usual. Let us provide some helpful tips on how to organize work and personal life during these pandemic times.

The Modern Home Environment

The work and personal spheres of your life are likely converging in ways that they never did before. For example, you might work late into the night because of family interruptions throughout the day or wonder when to make a business call without worry about background noise.

Amidst all this change, how do you maintain a separation between family and professional responsibilities? The key is getting organized.

Separate Your Workstation

Set up your work area in a part of the house that is far removed from the family, if possible. In a small home, try to have at least a door you can close off from the noisiest part of the house when you need silence to concentrate or to get on a work call.

Having quiet when you require it will help minimize family distractions so you can end your workday at a reasonable time and enjoy time with them afterward. Close the door to the office, and don’t open it until your next workday to help maintain that distinction.

Set the Boundaries

In addition to physically separating the work area, make it clear to the family that it’s to be treated as separate. Explain to them that you are not to be interrupted when you are in the room with the door closed unless it’s an emergency.

Emphasize that these boundaries are firm, not flexible. That way, your mind stays on the job during working hours.

how to organize work and personal life

Take the Same Approach to Technology

Also, consider separating the tech in your life according to whether it’s for work or personal use. For example, you might create a new email address for personal purposes so that you don’t have to sign in to the work one during off-hours.

Also, take the time to examine your phone notifications. If you are receiving a lot of app notifications from work colleagues during free time but aren’t required to respond to them immediately, then engage the “do not disturb” feature until the next workday.

These small changes can significantly reduce the temptation to check on work on your own time. Having this mental break from the home office can help recharge your batteries, so you’re more productive when back at the home office.

Organizing Personal and Professional Areas Right Now

During this temporary time, keeping work separate from the usually removed home life is a challenge for many people. The suggestions above can help you separate the two so that you’re more productive at work and can fully enjoy family time at the end of the day.

To find out more about how to organize your home office to be as efficient as possible, contact our professional organizers for a virtual appointment. Rather than coming into your home in person, we are happy to help you through video calls to create a more functional home for both work and personal life. Reach out today to speak with a friendly member of our team!