homeschooling during covid-19

How to Organize For Homeschooling

With the coronavirus still being a serious threat to people of all ages, many parents now find themselves homeschooling their kids for the foreseeable future. This transition can seem overwhelming, especially if you are working from home right now too. To keep the kids on track with their education and help make homeschooling less daunting for you, try using these organizational tips.

Create a Routine

Organization refers to not only physical items but also intangible constructs, such as time. By planning a set routine for your children, you can provide a day full of both learning and fun.

The key is to balance educational time with ones that allow them to blow off a bit of steam, like going for a walk. They may feel anxious about home isolation, just like adults, so having a schedule can provide comfort for them.

Also include some rules in this routine, such as requiring the kids to get out of their pajamas every morning. Start and end the school day around the same time, Monday through Friday, just like they normally would do.

homeschooling during covid-19

Set Up a Designated Workspace

Even in a small home, there is room for a small area devoted to homeschooling if you get a little creative with how you organize the room. It could be as simple as a kitchen table that becomes a desk during school hours.

Ensure that there is enough space for them to spread out their books and papers if needed. Also, give them comfortable seating so that they’ll want to be there rather than wiggling around and wanting to be anywhere except at their desk!

If you want help transforming a certain room, or part of it, into a homeschool area, reach out to our friendly team of professional organizers. We are happy to meet with you virtually using Zoom software to provide suggestions for creating a great space for them.

Put Supplies Nearby

Shelving and organizational units are great places to hold school supplies, such as paper, pens, markers, pencils, and a pencil sharpener. Keep them within easy reach of the homeschool zone so that your children stay on task rather than get distracted by looking around the house for what they need.

If there aren’t any shelves close by to hold books, then consider turning a rolling cart from another room into a temporary storage area. Even piling up apple boxes for their papers and crafts can be a useful way to separate them

Find What Works for You

Whenever possible, keep the daily structure as much like school was before the coronavirus outbreak to help your kids feel at ease with it. As for exactly what type of organization works for your household, you will find with time what makes sense and what you need to tweak.

While your kids are at home, try to engage them in learning, and break up the school time with fun activities. Organizing the homeschooling day in this way will help them stay on track with their curriculum during this unique time. If you need a little extra support getting you and your kids organized, feel free to reach out – we’re happy to help you out!