8 Creative Small Space Solutions

Living more simply is one reason you may have decided to downsize your home and your life.  Perhaps you have become an empty-nester after your children have flown the coop, or perhaps you are exchanging one large home for two smaller ones.  You may even be relocating to start that dream job to retiring and re-allocating your disposable income. With a few creative and innovative ideas your smaller space can be one of the best moves you ever make.  Creative organization is in fact the key to small home living.

Here are 8 space saving ideas to show you how downsizing can be a creative experience.

Stairway creativity

front entry under stair storagePerhaps you front entry no longer has a closet, or the one that exists is just not sufficient.  Here’s a great way to use the hidden and unused space under your stairway to create a place to hangs coats and other belongings.

Pallet boxes for your garden?

downsized gardeningIs gardening a passion of yours?  Are you afraid that in your smaller space you won’t be able to enjoy putting your hands in the dirt?  Here is a wonderfully creative and environmentally friendly way to get your hands dirty and recycle at the same time. 

Find yourself a wooden pallet box, staple some black garden cloth to the bottom and fill it with dirt and your favorite plants.  You have a wonderful mini garden that easy to maintain and will grow to your heart’s delight.

Decorative compost pail does the trick

Ceramic countertop compost pailDo you enjoy composting but fear that your kitchen space will no longer be able to hold a compost pail?  A great solution is to find yourself one of these nifty guys and place it on your counter.  It’s not only functional but decorative as well.

Use the inside of a closet door

A big problem in a smaller space is where to store your wrapping paper and all the accessories that go along with gift wrapping. 

wrapping paper storageThis solution uses something everyone has in their home.  The inside of a closet door!  Simply attach a couple of towel holders, some rings and clips and you have efficient and accessible storage for all your gift wrapping materials.

Find a small corner for your desk

corner officeWhere oh where to set up your office in your downsized space.  There is no need to dedicate an entire room.  You can find yourself a small corner in your new space, set up a small yet functional desk space like this one and away you go!

Hidden storage spaces

Lobook spine storageoking for a space to hide away those cables or other items you wish to conceal from the eyes?

This great idea using the spines of books and a simple box is a great way to store away and hide items from sight without going to a lot of expense.

Stairs risers equal more storage

stairs shoe organizingIf you are looking for that extra storage somewhere to store either shoes, off season clothing or anything else for which you need extra space, this stair riser storage is a great idea to make use of dead space in your stairs.

Creative under stair storage

under stair storage with doorsAnother way to use the dead space under your stairs is by creating this type of storage in the hidden space underneath your stairs.  This is a great place to store games, craft room materials and even tools.

Wake up your smaller space with these creative organizing solutions and you will be well on your way in your goal to downsize and live simply.

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    Linda Vanderkolk says:

    Thank you for your message Jill. It is such a great solution for the storage of so many items. I hope you can convince him how this will save you time and frustration by creating easy storage in your home!

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