Tips For Organizing Your Garage

tips-for-keeping--your-garage-organized_50291a407dd1cIt’s that time of year when our minds turn to getting our garages organized and decluttered. I think it’s very telling that we live in Canada with snowy winter weather yet the majority of us can’t fit our cars in our garage.  Instead we park our cars, which cost thousands of dollars, in the driveway and fill our garage space with, more often than not, useless junk.

April and May is always the time of year when our clients contact us to get their garages organized when they feel they can’t handle the project on their own due to their own physical restrictions, time restraints or just not knowing where to start.  We usually find scraps of wood never to be used, old toys, broken gardening and swimming pool equipment and much more that we end of donating, recycling or sending to the trash.

With spring in the air you can get a fresh start on your garage organization with a few simple tips. Thinking about how much space is free space in your garage, measuring wall and ceiling space and considering shelving and cabinets can go a long way to organizing the garage.

Most of us have a number of “zones” we need in the garage, such as a sports zone, gardening zone, auto zone and toy zone, as applicable. Keeping this in mind will help you to set up zones on separate shelves or in distinct cabinets for each that matter and are applicable to you. Labeling each zone is also important so that all members of the family know where to retrieve and return items for consistent maintenance of the newly organized space.

Once completely organized your garage will be a welcome addition to your home and a space where perhaps you can get your car into the garage.  How great would that be?!

This Infographic included here, courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Door Group, is a great visual to get you started on this project.  Good luck!



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  1. Will Robinson
    Will Robinson says:

    I like how you’ve discussed sorting the garage items into zones. That helps save people time when they’re trying to find something quickly.

    If you’re looking for a local supplier of completely custom garage storage systems and epoxy floor coating, we can help. Our cabinetry is sturdy for all of the heavy items that are typically stored in your garage and the flooring stands up to our Canadian winters.

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