Storage Locker Organization Toronto

Storage Locker Organization

Not too long ago I was faced with the challenge of organizing two condominium storage lockers for “winter cleaning”. It was quite a challenge as the owner of the lockers, as well as his two sons, are sports enthusiasts and involved in everything from hockey, lacrosse, golf and fishing to mountain biking and more.

Who owns more than one set of golf clubs? We must have hauled four or five sets out of there. There were balls, sticks, skates, bats and every other imaginable type of sports equipment all over the place.

Condo Locker AfterThe main storage locker had to accommodate all the sports gear and they needed something for easy transitioning from one type of sport to another, as well as store all seasonal items. It was quite a challenge but one that I was up for. The locker was an obstacle course and in a state of disorganization making it virtually impossible to maneuver and reach anything without tripping and falling over stuff.

Faced with two concrete walls and two wire grid walls, being creative and having a vision was essential to be successful in this project. Most condominiums have very strict rules regarding storage lockers and what you can and cannot do. Utilizing new storage shelving, re-configuring the space and sectioning off parts of the locker into specific zones for sports and seasonal holiday items was the most efficient and functional way to work through this project without breaking any condominium rules.

Getting Started

My client was so excited about this project that within 30 minutes of starting the final organization and set up session, he actually sent his girlfriend down to see what was happening with the space. Then not long after that he came down himself, on 2 or 3 different occasions, to “nonchalantly” check it out and see the transformation taking place. He was like a little boy at Christmas, he just couldn’t wait.

We started by taking everything out of the locker and once it was all out I thought to myself “how is all this going to fit back in?” Next we installed shelving along the back wall for ball gloves, shoes and the like. Once we had all of the sports sectioned off onto the shelves we labeled each shelf with the type of sport that belonged on that shelf.

With some inexpensive “S” hooks we hung the golf clubs and skis onto the mesh fencing so they each had a home and could not fall over. From the ceiling we hung a mesh bag and placed the basketballs and volleyballs. Prior to this they were always rolling around on the floor becoming a major trip hazard.

The big reveal!

When I completed the final touches my client came down for the big reveal and was thrilled with the outcome. He now had an organized space where he could store all of his sports equipment where it would be easy to retrieve and not be in danger of falling over. He even had room for all of his Christmas decorations, which again were labeled on the shelves.

Before I left we reviewed exactly what had been done with his two sons so they would know where their sports equipment was to go when they were done with it. Based on my client’s reaction to our project I know he will be staying on top of the kids to ensure an organized and safe space.

It was a challenging experience and the outcome was a successful transformation into a fully accessible, safe and functional space. You could even see the floor! What’s your next challenge?  If you require assistance give us a call by contacting us here.