Stay Organized Through The Holidays

Organized holidays


With the end of the year upon us it is easy to let things get into a disorganized state. The holidays are hectic with family and friends coming and going, parties to attend and the many other things that capture our attention at this time of the year. Or maybe you are more like me and like to just put your feet up and relax during this time. It is so easy to find yourself a little more disorganized at this time of the year so here are a few things that will take just minutes but will save you a lot of time later.

New gifts of clothing

We all get new pieces of clothing at Christmas (whether they come from Santa or from yourself) but don’t put them away until you have discarded something for every new piece coming in. Remember my one in, one out rule? Following this simple rule will ensure you don’t have a disorganized drawer or closet later in the new year.

New toys for the kids

Same rule applies to the kids toys. If you didn’t have time to go through their toys ahead of Christmas, then do so before putting the new toys away. Discard the damaged, broken toys and set aside the toys they no longer play with or are too old for. Donation sites would love to have these in the new year as their shelves will be bare now too.

Be charitable after Christmas as well as before

Charities often look for donations after Christmas when their shelves have been depleted just like the retail stores. They would love to have your clothing, your kids toys and the food bank will need anything you didn’t use over the holidays – unopened of course and non perishable. Be charitable and stay organized.

All of us at ClutterBGone hope you had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year! If you need help getting organized in the new year or if you just require a little tune up you can reach us here.