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Simplifying Your Home Reno Project with a Professional Organizer

A home remodel is exciting, whether you’re doing it to have a more comfortable and enjoyable space, increase the property value, or for another reason. It can also be a stressful time, though, with many decisions to make, so we’re offering a new pre/post home renovation service to help you through this important time.

Organizing Solutions for Pre-Renovation

When reno time comes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is boxing the items. But a crucial step to do first is to take the time to sort the possessions to decide what to keep, donate, or toss.

Doing so will save you boxing and transporting items off-site during the construction phase that you’ll never use again. Save yourself this hassle by sorting clutter from the onset.

In this pre-renovation stage, our professional organizer will work alongside you to make decluttering a stress-free experience. Deciding what to hold onto or not is difficult for many people because of the memories associated with certain items, and we totally understand that.

Rather than being pushy, ClutterBGone organizers are supportive and helpful, and we only proceed with your permission. Having someone objective beside you can make the sorting process much easier, and we can even make the arrangements for donations to go to charity.

Get help with boxing items, too, rather than going it alone. The effort you put in now organization-wise will make unpacking later much easier.

Let Us Help You After the Home Remodel Too

After the upgrade is done, our professional organizer is happy to assist by arranging a cleaning service for you and unboxing items. We can also provide suggestions on how best to set up the furniture.

To fully enjoy your new space, it helps to have a second pair of eyes looking at it. Sometimes, reimagining a space can be difficult for homeowners, especially after the upgrade.

Using the living area to its full potential is more important than ever after the renovation so that you get to enjoy it fully. We love helping people find the best “home” for items to maximize functionality and be aesthetically pleasing.

Our professional is also happy to suggest and help you implement organized solutions that fit your lifestyle, whether it’s for a closet, bedroom, home office, or another part of the house. These systems are designed to save you time, maximize the new space, reduce stress, and curtail clutter moving forward.

We’ll show you how to maintain these systems, too, or come back at regular intervals to do so for you. It might surprise you how much time you save in the average day with a well-organized home!

Setting Up a Home You Love

A renovation provides an excellent opportunity to not only better your living space but set up new, better organized habits. Looking at ways to fully utilize the area with the help of a professional organizer will maximize your remodel project and cut down the stress.

Call us today for a free consultation on how ClutterBGone can help you through the renovation process. We look forward to hearing from you!