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How Clutter Gets in the Way of Summer Fun

If you’ve been putting off decluttering, you’re not alone. Getting outdoors to enjoy the nice weather is what summertime is about, and sorting things indoors can quickly go by the wayside. But taking a bit of time to sort the clutter can improve your summer while ignoring it can become an obstacle to a season of fun. Here’s how.

Clutter Attracts Heat

Have you ever noticed that a room full of piles of things, from papers to clothing, seems warmer than an organized part of the home? The reason is that clutter attracts heat. The possessions absorb hot air and trap it, which makes for rising temperatures inside.

Coming home after a great day out to a hot house puts a damper on things, to put it mildly. To help cool down a room, take a few minutes a day to tackle the clutter. Also, consider removing rugs to make use of the bare floor’s ability to cool naturally.

Clutter Creates Anxiety

Having disarray around the home can elevate anxiety, hinder sleep, and make it hard to focus. That’s because being in a disorganized area can lead to a disorganized mind, not to mention reminding you that you’ve still got to clean up, when you’re already super busy.

You are likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. To help you enjoy summer more, wake up a half-hour earlier than usual a few times a week to sort papers or clear off the kitchen counter. It’s for your mental health.

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Embarrassed to Have People Over

A great part of summer is the BBQs and other outdoor gatherings. When it’s safe to do so, you’ll likely look forward to seeing loved ones in person again after the isolation of the pandemic. But if your place is disorganized, having them over might feel uncomfortable.

Being embarrassed to have people visit means that they might not get to see you much. Avoid discomfort altogether by scheduling time on your calendar to empty shelves and drawers, reducing what you keep, and donating what’s no longer useful. Within a short time, you will be proud of your organized home and look forward to visitors.

The Energy of the Space Brings You Down

If you return from summer vacation feeling uneasy in your own home, it could be that you’re missing the getaway spot. It makes sense that you want to have the same sense of relaxation at home.

Unfortunately, clutter could be weighing you down and depleting rooms of positive energy. So, now is the time to look at how your residence can support your dreams and encourage new energy to grow. That involves clearing clutter from tabletops, and everywhere else you see it. You might also rearrange the furniture and move artwork from one part of the house to another to freshen up the interior.

Stay on Top of the Tidy Space

Once it’s decluttered, the home is a place you can look forward to retreating after a fun-filled day in summer. Keep it organized by taking 10 minutes a day to sort papers or other items that quickly can pile up.

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