Regift And Recycle

Here’s a word that, for many people, makes them cringe:  “re gifting”.  In my opinion re gifting is great!  Not only for the planet but also for your own home organization.  Lets face it.  Sometimes, with the gift giver’s best of intentions, we receive something that just does not fit with our home or personal  style. Or, maybe we just don’t really need another one of something.  That’s ok.  Think of the gift as the actual thought that the person has in giving something to you, rather than the item itself. And certainly the person giving you a gift would not wish for you to be burdened by that gift, feeling guilty about shelving it and only bringing it out for display when the gift giver is around.

I personally have worked with many clients who do just this. What I suggest is to create a “Re gifting Centre” in your home.  So scout around and find a place in your home to create this space.  It can be a special closet or shelf, a large bin or a drawer in your bedroom or office. Don’t forget to label the item so that you do not mistakenly re gift it to the original gift giver!  Trust me.  I’ve done this.  Well, actually it was my husband, but that’s not important.  It’s definitely a faux pas . You may also come across new items in your home that you have never used and will never use.  These can also go into the regifting centre or dropped off at your local donation centre.    So give yourself permission to re gift.  Not only does this serve you well, but also serves others and the planet  too. Tell me what your regifting ideas are and how you manage this process.

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  1. Dave Baxter
    Dave Baxter says:

    Yes, I have regifted to the original giver and boy did it create problems. So much so that we don’t see these people anymore. Your idea to tag these items is a good one.

  2. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    Sorry to hear that Dave. Some people are definately very sensitive about getting back what they gave you. But mistakes do happen. It’s unfortunate that the individual could not move past that. Life is just too short. Take care,

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