Organizing Your Time

Time management can be tough. We recently had our daughter come for a visit and she talked about how she is so busy she finds herself on a seemingly never ending treadmill of getting out of bed, getting ready for work, running errands on the way home, cooking dinner and before you know it, it’s 10:00 pm and she still has not even begun to wind down from her day only to have the same cycle run again, never feeling caught up or in control. She doesn’t even have any children yet so even the thought of having kids is frightening when she doesn’t feel there is enough time in the day for just herself. She seems quite perplexed as to how people manage with children. We hear this often. Running the same game, cycle or treadmill each and every day.
With so many people around me telling me the same thing, I thought I would Google “how can we manage time more efficiently?”. One of the first answers that popped up was the use of time management sheets. We all, at some point in time, find ourselves on this same repetitive path. One day feels like it just melts into the other. From my own experience and training there are 3 things I know for sure. The first one is, you’re always going to have stuff to do. Secondly, there will be days, no matter what you do, when you feel like a gerbil on a treadmill. And lastly, there are definitely ways to positively change these last two points. Well, all right, you’re thinking. How do we do that?

First it’s helpful, even for just 3 days, to keep a notebook and pen with you at all times and write down how you are spending your time. You want to be as precise as possible, so I’m talking minutes here, not just hours. Once you log your time for a few days and look back on your log you will begin to see a pattern of exactly what various activities take up your time. You can then make some decisions on how you can perhaps delegate some tasks to others, “unplug” yourself during certain periods of the day, learn to say “no”, prioritize, group similar tasks together for more efficient use of your time, and let go of those tasks that really serve no positive purpose for you. Change the way you use your time and make a positive change in your day!

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