organizing your home office

Organizing Your Home Office for Maximum Efficiency

Does this sound like your home office? There are papers all over the place and it’s difficult to walk around without watching your step the entire time. When you are having an issue with a cluttered home office, you are going to need to take action quick. It’s been proven that more clutter makes it harder to think clearly, which can affect your business. Before things get any worse, you need to get to organizing home office supplies and make it a place where you can have a clear head to make that money!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Get Rid of Unnecessary Paper

Papers can easily stack up and become overwhelming in your home office. To keep the paper problem from getting too out of control, use the three-step method whenever you come across a rogue piece of paper: shred or toss it, file it, or take action from it. When you make one of these three choices the moment you have a paper, or several, lying around, you will get rid of the biggest culprit of a cluttered home office.

organizing your home office

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Use Storage Containers

Instead of having things out in the open loosely, get a few storage containers to keep things out of sight. This will also make it easy to locate things when you categorize your containers. Stow away all of your office supplies, except the ones that you will be using at any given moment.

Have a Designated Printing Space

Have a special place for all of your printing products and equipment to live in. This will free up space by your desk, as well as make it easy to find things you need when you want something printed.

Have a Designated Mail Center

You will undoubtedly be getting mail for your business. You should create a mail center, where mail coming in gets put until it is opened. Place the mail in a special folder. You can go through it every day or once a week, depending on how busy you are.

If you take these steps, you will be well on your way to organizing those home office supplies and papers that have come to clutter it. You will think more clearly and your office will feel more inviting! And, as always – let us know if we can help!