organize for an estate sale

The Best Ways to Organize for an Estate Sale

Estate sales are happening all of the time. You’ve seen the signs. When it comes time for you to organize for an estate sale, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, because we will outline the best ways to organize for an estate sale. Whether you find yourself suddenly needing to hold an estate sale because of a death, divorce, or some other immediate need to sell a home, you can use this guide to make your life easier.


  1. Catalog everything in your home that you will be selling. This is a basic inventory check, so you can track everything more easily.
  2. Anything you will not be selling, take note of it and set it aside. If they are belongings of others, inform them and provide a final date for when they can pick them up. Anything left over should be included in the estate sale.
  3. Donate items that are not worth selling or have a free section at your estate sale.
  4. Where there are lots of things that you need to throw out, rent a dumpster, so you can throw out many things at once, easily. A dumpster company can take away the items you throw out at a recurring set time, such as once a week. It may be difficult to part with certain sentimental things, but you will have to eventually split up your emotions from your junk.
  5. Clean anything that you are selling, since this will raise their value at your sale.
  6. Research what pricing should be for any of the items you are selling. Avoid pricing things too high, since you are trying to get rid of things and people are looking for a good deal. If you are unsure what you should price something, price it at the higher end so you have some room for price negotiations.
  7. Print out price tags for everything, to save you time and energy.
  8. Set up everything in the home to be on the perimeters of all the rooms, to make it easier for people to browse.
  9. Anything still in your home that you are definitely not selling should be labeled as such.
  10. Have people helping with security, so nobody runs off with things you aren’t selling that are still in your home.
  11. Have helpers with collecting money from people who are buying things. You should also have helpers to assist with moving the big items, such as furniture, out of your home.

If you find all of this overwhelming, you can contact us for support. We can help you with all of your organizing needs, so you can breathe easy and focus on promoting your estate sale to get more people to come and take your old treasures. The next time you plan to organize an estate sale in the Toronto area, contact ClutterBGone to schedule a free per-assessment chat, with no obligation.