How To Organize Your Kid’s Bedroom

Keeping your child’s bedroom organized and clutter-free can sometimes feel like a fulltime job. There’s no need for it to be that way though if you just follow a few of our handy tips below.

1-Look through the eyes of your child

Like a photographer, you should take a different view of your child’s room to realize what it’s like through their eyes. It’s a good idea to get down to their eye level and take a good look at the room from their vantage point to see what they see. It’s important to remember that your child is smaller and adult organizing systems may not be suited for them. Many small children have a hard time reaching coat hangers, pulling out dresser drawers, and opening and closing large closet doors etc. You need to put yourself in the child’s shoes and use systems which are suitable for children rather than adults. You may want to take the doors off of the closet, purchase children’s-sized coat hangers and lower the clothing rods.

kids under bed storage

2-Work your way up

Unless your child’s already six-feet tall you should organize their room from the bottom to the top. Keep all of their most popular toys and clothing items closer to their level and the floor. You can do this by storing these things in lower-level drawers and containers. The higher levels should be reserved for the items they don’t use as much. This will make it easier for them to put things away.

kids organized wall unit

3-Ask your child for advice

Since your child is going to be asked to do his or her part to keep their room clean you should also ask their advice on how to do it. Listen to their input and ask them for ideas. If you just enter the room like a drill sergeant and start hollering orders your method may not be too effective. You’ll both be a lot better off in the long run if you can teach your child some lifelong organizational skills. Try to make room-cleaning a learning and fun activity. You can help do this by creating a daily checklist for the child to tick off after each chore is done. Ask your child how they’d like to keep the room clean and then go from there, incorporating some of your own ideas along the way. Since the child will feel they came up with a system that makes sense to them there’s a better chance they’ll stick to it.

Neat Kids Closet

3-Sort things out

Most children’s rooms are relatively small and there’s not a lot of natural storage space. But you’ll soon find your child wants to keep everything they own, especially when it comes to toys. Take the time to sort through their toys and clothing and get rid of the things that are no long used or needed. You could always give them to the needy or a charity at the same time. If you have enough storage room elsewhere in your home you may also want to sort things out seasonally. For instance, your child doesn’t need to store their winter clothing in the room during the middle of summer. If possible, store these items somewhere else and then make a change in sync with the seasons. When it comes to the toys you may want to take just a few things at a time instead of hauling them all away at once. This will help keep the peace.

organize Kids Desk Room

4-Provide enough storage containers

While we’re on the subject of toys, you can’t really complain about clutter if there’s nowhere for the child to store them. Make sure your son or daughter has a specific storage area for each toy. You may want to provide them with shoebox containers and/or larger bins for storage. You can also use supply them with specialty organizers for items such as DVDs, comic books, magazines, and video games etc. Also, it’s a good idea to tell the child they’re welcome to play with another toy once their current one is put away in the proper place. Just make sure the child can easily put something away without any hindrances. If it takes little effort to put their toys away there’s a better chance they’ll do it.

kids storage bins

5-Use labels

That label maker you received as an anniversary present may actually be useful after all. You can make labels for your child’s belongings and place them where their items are supposed to go. If the child isn’t reading age yet you could use a computer printer to create pictures of items such as socks, sweaters, shoes, and toys etc. Simply place the labels on the storage containers that are to be used.

kids labels organizing

6-Create a daily routine

You can make cleaning chores easier if they’re incorporated into a daily routine. For example, the morning routine could consist of making or straightening out the bed while the evening routine sees the child putting his or her dirty clothes in the laundry basket before going to sleep. Toys can also be put away at bedtime to keep the room clutter-free.

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