Organizing Your Home Based Business

Congratulations! You have taken the plunge! You have left the security of an established job and have branched out on your own to open your own business, become an entrepreneur and conquer the world. Good for you!

I know you have done your research on launching a business and have talked to all the professionals that you need to and you have all the experience to make this new adventure a success. Let me give you a couple of tips that will save you some time and keep you organized because we all know that time is a seriously precious commodity in any small business.


The basics

First, get the right basics. A comfortable, ergonomic chair and a desk as well as a printer, recycle basket, waste basket and filing cabinet are a must and your desk must stay free of all clutter.

A cluttered desk is owned by someone with a cluttered mind.  Keep in mind the precious time that you may be wasting by repeatedly looking for the same item or file. Time truly is money when you are an entrepreneur.You need to have efficient organization in your home office such that you can put your finger on any one item at any time no matter what.

Will you be having clients in to your home office? If so, you will impress them with a neat, organized and welcoming work space.

Cabinet is critical

Your filing cabinet is a great and necessary assistant but it can also be something you yell at – a lot.

Especially if you do not take the time to set it up in a functional manner for the way you operate your business. Your initial set up should include hanging file folders, files and labels and have a system ready when you do start filing for easy access and filing back in the cabinet. You need to have lots of room in your cabinet so that files move freely and easily within. This also makes filing documents a breeze.

If your home business involves retaining sensitive material you will need to consider a locked cabinet and perhaps even purchasing a fire proof cabinet.

Desk top desires


On my desk I have my computer, a printer, lamp, electric pencil sharpener, telephone, external hard drive for my computer backups and cell phone charger. All of these require an electrical cord and unless these were not all neatly tied together I would constantly be getting my feet tangled in them.

Take the time to organize your wires and cables underneath your desk and save some frustration down the road.  If you can, work with wireless devices to reduce the cable clutter.

Action Files

Paper clutter is definitely the main source of frustration in most offices we are called to work in. Paper should never be lying loose on your desk unless it involves the task you are directly working on at that moment in time. And never should you have piles of paper on the floor in your office or otherwise!

A vertical file folder holder is a desk accessory that can be a life saver. I call this my “Action Centre” that contains my action folders that I use on a regular basis. I am a visual person and require my action items in sight on my desk rather than inside my desk.

In my Action Centre I have a file folder for each of the following…..1. QuickBooks entries 2. Client Intake Forms 3. Business Practices to Update and 4. Marketing Ideas. My vertical holder also has space for current client files that I will be working on that day. Once completed, those particular  files go back in the filing cabinet.

When it comes to paper you need to reduce the FAT.  If you need FILE it, take ACTION on it or shred or TOSS it into the recycle bin. You will be surprised at just how quickly paper can strangle you and your new business if you do not have a system in place to effectively manage it.

By getting and staying organized you will have more time, less stress and more success. Good luck in your new venture!  If you need assistance in organizing your home office contact us here for your free telephone intake and we can answer any questions you may have.