Garbage Organization – Can Conundrum

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m not lazy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, truth be told, the extreme opposite would apply. Yet, I have an issue with our garbage can in the garage that drives me nuts. I have purposely situated the can inside the garage, lid off, directly beside the door going into the house. This way when I empty the kitchen garbage bag I can simply walk to the garage door, open it and toss the garbage bag right into the can without having to walk down the two stairs into the garage and get my feet or slippers dirty. But lately, in the heat of the summer, my husband (the helpful soul that he is) has been putting the lid on the can to control the garbage odors that I so detest. This act of kindness has resulted in my extreme frustration at no longer being able to just toss my garbage into the can. Here I was trudging down into the garage to do the dirty work. So here comes the part where they say “be careful what you wish for”. Today, the garbage can lid is now off because…………wait for it…………..the heat is no longer an issue. September has sprung, prematurely, with a string of chilly days. Although I’m happy I’m back to easily tossing my garbage into the can, I’m not so happy that it’s because the nice summer weather seems to have disappeared. Too bad for me. I wonder what other people do with their smelly garbage cans in their garage in the summer?

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  1. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    That’s great to hear. Getting organized can be pretty easy if you have a process to follow.

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