Creating A Kitchen Office

Let me say this right off the top:  I don”t advocate having an office in your kitchen.   Keeping your papers out of the kitchen, just as you would the food out of your office space, will ultimately make your like simpler.  Paper really doesn’t belong in the kitchen because every time you cook you have to organize and clear away all that paper.  Many a client has had dirty dishes over top their paperwork and sometimes the paperwork even ends up in the kitchen trash resulting in bills not getting paid.  The kitchen tends to be the most heavily used room in your home but that also means it can be a clutter magnet. In a perfect world everyone would have a separate space within their home for their office and paperwork. However some families cannot accommodate that ideal so we need to work around that.  In this case we need to create a boundary within the kitchen itself, in which to contain the office and the paper.

You need to start by designating one spot in your kitchen for your office. Then schedule about 3 hours to tackle those kitchen papers.  Start by sorting and weeding out obsolete papers.  Reduce the number of cookbooks. Donate those you no longer need. The remaining paperwork can be sorted into separate piles:  bills to pay, financial papers, office supplies, people to contact, things to read, kids’s school related paper, artwork, etc.  The next step is to set up a contained space within the kitchen for your office related papers, and a separate contained space for the kid’s school related paperwork. Have a bin for each child.

Make sure you create boundaries within the kitchen large enough to accomodate everything you need to process the daily paperwork. This boundary could be a single shelf or cupboard within which you place bins to contain different categories of items. Or perhaps you create a desk suface that can flip up and away when not in use. It may also be a 2 or three shelf movable storage unit that can act as your office containment space or your kid’s paperwork space.   In some cases it may not be the most attractive space in your home. Do your best to make it aesthetically pleasing with nice wicker or rattan baskets, using wood rather than plastic.  At least you will have taken control, created boundaries for where things live and activities take place and have established a spot for day to day living that is useful and efficient. Make life simpler, not harder!

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