Children’s Books To Help Teach De-cluttering

With spring in the air it’s a good time to start working with your younger children to teach them how to let go of their unused and unwanted items.  In an earlier post I mentioned a book that is helpful when working with children in this regard.  There are a few other books that parents have told me have been helpful when they are talking to their children about editing some of their belongings. They are all from the Berenstain Bears collection.

The first one is The Berenstain Bears and The Messy Room.  In this book brother and sister bears’ room was a mess and they argue with each other quite a bit about who should tidy up instead of working together to get the job done.  This book is helpful in that it will teach children to do their fair share in keeping their spaces clean without arguing. It teaches children responsibility.

The second book is The Berenstain Bears Clean House.  In this book, during spring cleaning the bear family have difficultly letting go of things they no longer use (sound familiar to anyone?), so they decide to hold a yard sale.  I will admit that the ending of the book was surprising to me.  Rather than going through with the yard sale and let go of the items, they decide to keep the items and use the space in the attic for the storage of the items. Still is a good book to read with your children to help acknowledge their feelings about things.

The third book is The Berenstain Bears Think Of Those In Need.  As with all the books in this series, this teaches a timeless lesson and principles easy for little ones to learn. They also help parents in showing them a good way to handle sometimes difficult situations.

It’s never too young to begin to teach your children the basic principles of de-cluttering and organizing. In doing so, you are also instilling important values: one of which is that the important things in life are not things.

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