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A Professional Organizer’s Opinion on Marie Kondo

A deeper industry insider look at the organizing craze that’s taking over the world!

Marie Kondo is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation due to her popular KonMarie organizational method, as well as her book, and Netflix show.

In the show, viewers are able to take a peek into Marie’s work, as she visits several households. Each episode involves Marie teaching people how they can make the most out of their space, as well as treasuring the items in their lives as something more than things, but pieces of memory, experiences, and more.

Many people have been inspired by Marie’s attitude, and show, but what do professional organizers think about her and her work?

It’s not just a matter of emotion: practicality also comes into play

In the show, Marie is often seen telling people to consider what items will spark joy, and therefore, are worth Professional Organizer's helpkeeping. On the other hand, sorting through personal objects can be a bit more of an involved project for a professional organizer. While an emotional connection with an item is always worth considering, sorting through things is more about understanding a person’s activities, needs, and lifestyle.

In order to understand exactly why a person is experiencing issues, there are many things that a professional organizer needs to consider. All of these things are interrelated to one another. For instance, it’s never just about items to get rid of. It’s about the person itself, and the individual needs. It’s about the space (rooms, layout, storage availability) and many other factors.

Every single thing needs to fall into place, like following a single thread to form a broader picture. Professional organizers are able to use their experience and knowledge to guide people, as well as suggesting better set-ups for their needs.

Sharing skills

Marie Kondo is keen on teaching her followers how to tidy up and truly realize the value of their items based on their emotional reaction and significance. Professional organizers are just like that, but they also care about practical organizing skills, which they make sure to share with their customers. These can be general tips, as well as custom-tailored strategies that will enable people to improve the quality of their specific spaces and lifestyle.

In conclusion, it’s really amazing to see that Marie Kondo is inspiring so many people to take charge and get organized. However, it’s also important to understand that there is a bit more to it than dealing with the emotional side of tidying up!