5 Signs That You Might Be A Clutterer

You know those old Jeff Foxworthy jokes that start with “You might be a Redneck if…” …..Well, I am going to borrow from that famous line but add my own twist.

basement bursting

Here are the 5 signs that you might be a “clutterer”.

1) It continually takes you a lot longer than you thought to find things.

How many times have you gone to look for something and you know where it is – at least you thought you did. After quite a bit of time you find it only because you have torn the house apart and wasted a lot of time doing so. Now you are even more disorganized with everything strewn about. Being disorganized is a time waster and I am sure you would rather be doing other things than desperately dashing through the house looking for things.

2) You are embarrassed to have company come over.

I get it. When we have company over we want to make a good impression and show a neat and organized household. Who wants to have company – family or friends – over when we have items all over the counters and boxes of possessions piled up on the floor? Clutter will almost always lead to more dust and dirt in the house too because we cannot clean as well as we should. Being disorganized can cause some people to crawl into a shell and become unsocial.

3) You are stressed just thinking about having to get organized.

Stress is a killer, that is a fact. We all deal with stress differently and stress can have an adverse impact on our health. If you are feeling stress or anxiety over the thought of getting organized don’t let it get the best of you. Start with small projects and do a bit each day. Set some time aside for this and you will be surprised at how soon you will start to see results. Reach out for help either from family or friends or from a professional.

4) You or someone you love has fallen or tripped over something that is always out of place.

This is the last thing we want, but there are some people that just don’t know how to get organized and end up stacking things on the floor causing a trip hazard or having so much in a cupboard that items fall out when the cupboard doors are opened. Most common accidents happen in the home so let’s do what we can to maintain a safe environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

5) You are always late, whether it is for appointments or paying the bills.

Running late because you did not record the appointments where they are easily accessible with a reminder? Are you getting those nasty fees or penalties added on to your bill because you were late with the payment? How about those nasty credit card interest charges due to late payments? Ouch!

Being disorganized can cost you time and money. Set up a system so that you are paying your bills on time and keeping money in your pocket, not your creditors.

So, do any of these signs ring a bell for you? If so, you might be a “clutterer”…..

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