3 Ways To Organize Your Life Using Evernote

Organizing your home and life with EvernoteWith this week being Clutter Awareness Week, what better way for kick off than to  talk about Evernote.

Getting organized can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. You may or may not be one of those people who organize their lives electronically. It’s understandable if you’re not.  Your state of disorganization may be a physical manifestation, travelling throughout the household and seemingly unaffected by how neat your Google calendar looks online. However, there are ways for you and your online applications to meet in the middle and revamp your household.

With its cross-platform support, Evernote can very easily serve as that go-to application for any specific organizational task. Once your account has been created it can be accessed and updated from your tablet, your smart phone, or your laptop so that you can view your content on the go no matter where you are. While your options are limited only by your imagination, here are seven specific ways to use Evernote to organize your life:

1.      Snapshots of Recipes

Evernote allows you to take pictures of anything and then organize them with tags and titles. This comes in handy when you have an assortment of recipes coming from different mediums:

  • Internet screenshots
  • Cookbook/magazine scans or snapshots
  • Scribbled notes

Why not bring all of these recipes together in one easily accessible place? With Evernote you can store them all together and use tags to make them easy to search.  When searching for recipes online use the Evernote Web Clipper which is available on every major browser.

2.      Snapshots of Business Cards

Business cards are a love/hate sort of item. They’re small and accessible and easy to store, but they’re just that much easier to lose. Try taking a picture of every business card you come across that you think you might need again, tag it, and store it in a notebook designated for business cards.   For an even more professional approach use the wonderful mobile app CamCard that integrates nicely with Evernote.

3.      Snapshots of Statements/Receipts/Bills

As you may have noticed by now, the snapshot tool in Evernote is quite versatile. Just as you would take snapshots of recipes or business cards, you can do the same with any invoices or bills, title and tag them to make them searchable and store them in a notebook. If you’re up for further organization you can separate bills by category or date and create separate notebooks within a single folder.

So here you have 3 ways to start the process of organizing your lifestyle.   Stay tuned for several more ways Evernote can be a great tool to get your life in order.

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