3 Tricks to Travel Big and Save Space

travel slidesTraveling is always fun until the time when you need to figure out where to store all your luggage and other travel related accessories that you use all the time.

One of the challenges of course is that suitcases take up a lot of space when not in use.  Most people try to hide them in the furnace room, a basement storage area or even up in the rafters in the garage.  None of these spaces are ideal because it’s not only inconvenient to retrieve them but they are not typically the cleanest areas in your home.

Let’s think about this.  If you are packing in your bedroom, shouldn’t the suitcases either live there or somewhere on the same floor as where you pack?  Wouldn’t that be so much easier than lugging them up the basement stairs?

Here are a couple of tricks to make packing fun and storing easy.

Invest in good quality

There are many on the market, however one I found is particularly interesting because it uses an innovative concept of folding technology so that your full-sized, wheeled suitcase turns into a compact, easily stored bag.Biaggi luggage

The company is Biaggi (www.biaggi.com) and they make lightweight, durable luggage that folds down into half its original size. This is great so you can actually store your luggage under your bed with ease.

Be a road warrior

Another idea is to use the Road Warrior M Series luggage. Again, this luggage requires half the storage space compared to standard upright suitcases.Road warrior luggage

When not in use it collapses such that you can stack it on a shelf, slide it under your bed or even hang it in your closet.  Check out www.roadwarriorluggage.com.

Create a “Travel” bin

In terms of travel accessories, we all have them.  This includes your sun protection, airplane pillows, earphones, travel size games, binoculars, travel pillows, ear plugs, etc.  Essentially everything you typically take on a trip.  And what about all those travel size bottles of lotion, shampoos, etc., not to mention those travel grooming bags, travel iron, or hairdryer? Most people have all these items stored in various places throughout the home rather than keeping it all in one place resulting in your scurrying around trying to remember where you put everything.

What I recommend is that you create a Travel bin and label it “TRAVEL”.  Your bin should ideally be a sturdy plastic with a lid, similar to a Rubbermaid tote.  The amount of travel accessories you typically use will dictate the size of your travel bin.  If you have children your travel bin will likely be much larger than for someone who does not.  In your travel bin you would place all travel related items so that the next time you are going on a trip, everything you need is in one place.  When you return from your trip you simply take all those accessories and put them back in your bin. No more hunting around looking for that special travel sized game, or those neat little toys the kids love to play with on the airplane.

Make your next trip go smoothly from beginning to end by investing in some innovative luggage and some organization. I’d love to hear what tips you use to make your travel run smoothly!


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